The SuEPs of the MMP


I take the lazy man’s way, whatever scrolls first (usually the new MMP) I read, then go on to the other one, in case anyone responded to whatever words of wisdom I left on Sunday.

Nice weather (up to 70F today) with rain holding off until Thursday-Firday according to Weather Underground.

Need to compile my ‘start of the month’ shopping list–1st thing to add is toilet paper, I am not in crisis mode…yet…but supplies are at critical levels. Everything else can be added later.

And with my branch chief and a couple of colleagues gone to Body of Christi, Texas* for meetings, I’m acting chief again. Oh joy.

  • Corpus Christi is Latin for Body of Christ

Good grief, man, are you trying to cause **swampy **a major case of the vapors??? If you’re going to remain a Mumper in good standing, you must never permit your TP supply to fall below a spare 12-pack, and even that’s pushing it!!
It was drizzly on my way in, but I think the rain is about done. I am soooooo tempted to yank out the stinky air freshener that my office mate has plugged in. I so hate artificial scents.


The VunderKind and FDil have completely moved into their house. I’m sorta jealous, because I’ve owned 2 different properties and come out on the losing end of the business deal both times (which means I’m renting now), but my rugrat is 28 and has a mortgage and the means to settle it early.

QUOTE=The Stainless Steel Rat;19214690]And with my branch chief and a couple of colleagues gone to Body of Christi, Texas* for meetings, I’m acting chief again. Oh joy.

MetalMouse, with all of the government (especially USSS) scandals of consorting with Doggio’s favorite type of women - those of [del]questionable[/del] no repute, it really sounds like a movie title, especially if Christi writes the “dot” as a little smiley face on the second i. :dubious:

Mooommm, relax. Any Mumper in goof standing knows that critical levels is on 20 rolls left. :stuck_out_tongue:
Speaking of Swampy, shame on you! Not wishing everyone a Happy Cheep Chawklit Day! Go stand in the naughty corner!
Yestidy’s rehydration included ONE of these liquid chocolate beerverages.

I still have the MSR (Minimum Sanitary Requirements) FCM; but the rolls are in the main bathroom and the empty is in the spare bathroom and I haven’t had the gumption to move it from one to another. I prefer to have 12-24 rolls in each spot.

Forget to delete one little “i” and everybody’s a comic…

Spidey, I referee youth soccer, not bad at this time of the year, but in August it’s well over 90F and I’ve on occassion forgot to bring water with me. Does not end well.

Albeit the hottest I ever think I got was changing my car tire…in Abu Dhabi…out in the desert with no shade…in 115F heat…and no water in the car. A friend on the same road stopped just as I finished and offered me a 2-liter bottle of water; I never knew you could drink that much water in one try…

When I started at The Jungle, I sweated like a pig and got dehydration headaches a fair bit so you have my sympathy. What worked for me was plain old Bayer aspirin. Tylonol <sic?> failed but the old cure did pretty well.

On the Sunday thing — as noted Monday morning I almost always go check for late posts Sunday before finding the new one. I am a little less likely to throw in a joke response, copy and paste one to the new MMP, but too often people have made important posts late and while I will never admit it again I actually like and care about all of you. I find you all very interesting and I’m curious about what you had to say after I logged out. I didn’t invent the habit - back when I first stumbled my way in here someone would do that rather than post to the Old Thread a lot. Forget exactly who.

Speaking of which:

It better be at least in part if they expect to work in MY fields. :stuck_out_tongue:

And you call yourself a Sailor? :dubious:

In for a penny, in for a pound, I suppose;

Driving update at one week out! I managed once again (that’s twice total, for all y’all keeping track at home) to make it all the way to work without stalling out. I do pretty well in the mornings, and fairly well on back roads (read: utterly deserted), but I still get skittish as a cat in a rocking-chair factory when anyone’s around me, especially when they’re behind me at a light.

I drove it last night to Easter Dinner with friends, and stalled out once on the way there, and four times on the way back, so being tired is definitely a factor. Everyone says I’m doing well - I’m just waiting for the day when seeing a traffic light turn yellow doesn’t make me feel like someone punched me in the gut.

Belated hugs to Emily - and hoping you get some results or answers soon, as well as feeling better. :frowning:

ETA - in my memory, High Holy Days were the occasion for fire-and-brimstone preaching, interminable altar calls, and pleas for people to give time/money because those were the few days in the year that just about the whole congregation actually, y’know, congregated.

Lunch time!!!

Got some stuff done this morning, including a trip to the shop to do some measurements. Boss has headed out somewhere for a meeting - hope he’s not gone too long because I’m out of work again…

ooops - he just came by and dropped of some fixes on the work I just did, so there’s that. Now - back to lunch!

liquid chocolate beerverages. Ruble, iffn you come across one pounce on it!

Sorry, got distracted on failing the security audit, more on that later…

Can’t say I check things out as much as I should. Life & work have been crazy busy.

Howdy all! Just back from a Building Energy Manager’s meeting. Why on Earth they schedule that for a Monday morning I will never know. I was not the only one bitching
about it.

The Air Show is this weekend. I will be so glad when it is over. The Clydesdale’s will be here on this post on Thursday at the Navy Exchange and I got permission from my boss to close the office for a half hour so we can all go together to see them up close and personal.

what a crummy Monday morning.

**Tugig **- how dare you have life apart from us!!! You must think you’re all that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just finished fixing up several drawings. Off to find the boss now.

Happy Dyngus Day!

(Śmigus-dyngus )

Where I grew up, Dyngus Day was when you tended to cut loose after the Lenten sacrifices and usually imbibe. It was also the unofficial kick-off to the political primary season at the Polish American Club and the county Democratic organization, which was another reason to drink. :smiley:

Since I check the threads that I’ve posted in when I log in, the old MMP is always first. Then I go to MPSIMS for the new one.

Just got a call from my sister. Her godfather, our Uncle Mike, died this morning. He was in his mid-90s, and he hadn’t been well for some time. Sadly, he and his daughters were on the outs for the last year or so - the girls blamed the woman who was living with him. My uncle wasn’t the most tolerant man in the world, but he was big on family, so we’re inclined to think it was a combination of mild dementia and the woman’s influence that caused the split.

I think it’s been at least 2 years since I saw him last, and he wasn’t doing all that well back then. He’d been hospitalized within recent weeks and we knew he didn’t have much longer.

I have to say I’m relieved for my one cousin - she dealt with him much more than her sister who lived 1000 miles away. She can stop fretting over the woman manipulating her father and she’ll no longer have to listen to him berate her on the phone. I hope we can all dwell on the fun-loving man who was a great dancer and had a goofy sense of humor. He’d been widowed for almost 25 years, and in the end, I think he was just tired.

RIP Uncle Mike…

I just got a call from my mother, my aunt died this morning.

Hugs, cookies, etc. to all as needed/wanted.

Butters, I lived in the St. Louis area so I got to see the Clydesdales at Grant’s Farm on a regular basis. Not quite like the commercials at the Super Bowl, but they are big Hosses, that’s for sure.

{{{FCM}}}. I had a similar situation when my Mom’s father (Grandpa) passed away from cancer. His second wife (Mom’s step-mother) had pretty well alienated all four of his children (which was a tough thing to do, as they usually were feuding with one another), and while my mom would continue to go over there, she didn’t take my brother or I (we were in our teens), letting us have the memory of a more vital man and nicer times with our Grandpa.

Death somehow brings out the best and the worst in people, doesn’t it?

ETA: Just saw it, {{{Sari}}}

Howdy Y’all. Irk and Moanday have been survived. YAY! In a little while I shall head over to the church house to begin prep for men’s night. Other than that nothin’ newsworthy to report.

{{{MOOOOOOM and Sari}}} so sorry for the lost of your uncle and aunt respectively. May they RIP. I have two survivin’ uncles (one on each side) and no survivin’ aunts.