The SuEPs of the MMP

Rosie’s sig, first of all.

Still no job offer, but this being the gubmint and all, paperirk has to be filled out in triplicate, lost, found, lost again, and finally filed away in a dusty room somewhere, never to see the light of day again. So I guess I’m just waiting for the paperirk to be finished.

I’m working on a scarf with size-50 needles, which are about an inch in diameter. I’m using four strands of yarn together, so each stitch is about an inch wide. This is not an easy undertaking just in sheer size. My next project is a throw that I’m including in a gift basket to be raffled off. It’ll be loads of fun to make. :smiley:


{{{{{Mooooooom and Sari}}}}}


The funeral is Saturday and not so far from here, 86 miles. From the map it looks like I’ll be cutting through WV and into VA. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I would have to head down towards DC and take 495.

It’s friggin’ cold outside tonight.

I’m tired and just about ready for bed.

The insurance company withdrew their approval, so now the doc has to file an appeal. No idea how long that will take.

That sux Gotti

Happy Toosday.

I’m up too early, but since I had an email from irk offering a bonus if I logged it, I decided to stay up and irk.

It’s cold and dark outside, supposed to warm up to 61.

Nothing special going on today. Same old same old. Still chipping away at my list - but I think I need some sharper tools.

**gotti **- fingers crossed for you! As far as I’m concerned, insurance companies have too much power that they abuse.

In Florida, they got a law passed that if there’s a hurricane touching any part of the state and you file a homeowner claim, even if you’re nowhere near the storm, you have to pay the hurricane deductible, which is something like 2% of the home’s insured value. So if you have a kitchen fire that damages appliances and cabinets in Pensacola and Hurricane Ralph is just arriving in Miami, you’ll be paying a huge deductible. At least, that’s how it was before we left - dunno what it is now. But I think other states followed suit.

On the other hand, part of the problem comes from people like my BIL. He’d file claims for every teensy little thing that happened to his car till his insurance company dropped his coverage. And let’s not forget frivolous lawsuits… Oh, never mind. Forget it. Too heavy a topic for this early.

I started to pack my lunch then remembered that today is the company-wide meeting. **FCD **will come to my office and we’ll drive there together. They provide box lunches for everyone and discuss the state of the company. I’ll be introduced among the newbies, so I showered and everything this morning. :smiley: I’m even wearing my company polo shirt! How’s that for sucking up!

Just finished ingesting a PB&J. I’ll caffeinate a bit more, then head off to the list of parts I need to draw up today. WOOHOO!!

Happy Tuesday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 51 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 76 and cloudy. Nice! Of course I shall be in the orifice today buried in paperirk. ICK!

gotti that truly sucks! Here’s hopin’ the appeal does not take too long.

OK, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands to be fed. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

{{{{{Mooooooom and Sari}}}}}
It’s actually sunny! It’s also really really windy. I have some errands to run later but I have a nasty case of the idonwannas


Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. I’m off today, so I shall clean the kitchen

{{{{{{Mom and Sari}}}}}}}

Chicken soup for Gotti and DH. It won’t make you better but it will make you feel better…

My own Uncle Mike can be an enormous jerk, as him and his friends are the kind of dudes whose senses of humor and of appropriate public behavior never grow beyond the “entitled brat” stage. Nice fellow otherwise, which thankfully means 99.9999% of the time. Two of his sons look terribly different until you see them in profile: one is built like a Mack truck, blonde and light-eyed, the other one middle-height, medium-build going on “nice shoulders”, dark-haired and dark-eyed, but both have noses that look like they’ve been broken and chins like Popeye’s.

I deposited Mom in the train yesterday after having her in my house for 10 days. No matricide was committed. English has too many double letters :p. She was already planning her next trip over; at one point she started trying to plan the vacations I’d take her on in the last week of July but I mentioned that one, I don’t know when will I have vacation (I’m aiming for either half of October) and two, if I do have to take it in the summer I plan on spending it in my house in the mountains cos that’s what I have it for dagnabit.


I got nuthin.

Time for a brief brain break. I just completed 2 drawings for a total of 5 sheets and 15 components. None were particularly complex, but all needed to be labeled and dimensioned and fit neatly on the sheets.

My to-do list has 4 more drawings of 5 more parts. I may be done before **FCD **arrives for the lunch meeting. We shall see.

Up and productive. The OW took a sick day to visit the doctor; small pain in the side and back. No biggie but with coaster season fast approaching -------

Ruble do you ever hit the West Coast parks (Magic Mountain, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, etc) during coaster season? All of my experience is over here. West of the Rockies.

{{{Gotti & DH}}} I hope the appeals process goes through. My insurance company denied my treatment recently (“investigational”), so I have some idea how you feel. Good luck.

The cats are “helping me” today. One keeps stepping on the keyboard and the other is trying to get comfortable on my shoulders. They seem to think it’s “cold” this morning. :smiley:

Kidlets off to school. Trying to decide where to start on my massive to-do list. Also need to deal with the Disability folks. They have sent me two different letters. One indicates that I am approved for leave through mid-May (which is what we asked for). The other says until April 3?! Ack on that one.

Nava where in the mountains is your vacation house?

Happy Toesday all.

The Pyrenees, a small place called Aoiz. It’s the village which sort of marks the “snow line” for their western end: when the weather report says “snow above 400m”, that means us. Or meant: it hasn’t snowed at all this winter, which has the neighbors completely freaked out (last year we also had an all-time high of 30ºC in the summer).

I’m slightly annoyed with irk. Not with my place of employment but with the outside people. Why does the AJR claim my IP is invalid, when in fact, it is my IP according to whatismyip ANd our IT HALP Desk.

I am completely aggravated. My printer has died. I checked all the connections, they’re good, and I powered everything down, waited ,and powered up again. My printer has died. Grrrr. Fortunately, I have a Neat mobile scanner. So I hooked it up and scanned the docs that needed scanning. But the software “unexpectedly quit” after every second document I scanned. Grrrr. What should have taken me five, maybe seven, minutes to scan and save, just took me the better part of an hour. I am very grrr. :mad:

Very interesting company meeting. I have gotten myself hired by a heck of a company! They’re hiring like crazy and making lots of money. Huzzah!!!

I also found out for sure the my boss and my office mate are an item and a source of company gossip. Swell. As long as they don’t get nekkid :eek: on her desk, I don’t suppose I care. Maybe when my sweetie retires, I’ll take his job.

Well, back to work!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and DH, gotti.

Well, two of my cow-orkers and I just stormed the closest restroom. One of the newer folks in housekeeping has thrown the posted cleaning/closure schedule out the window to clean whenever she damn well pleases. There are reasons that the two sets of restrooms closest to the break room are done outside of staggered lunch times. :smack:

Being middle aged women, we had no patience to go to the other set, where we would have to stand in line, so we just stormed in over her protests. Now, I have to send in a Facilities ticket to complain.

Oh, bobbio! Any tips on poison pen emails?