The Supreme Court has kicked off Civil War 2.0

I know I said you could hate me, but I never thought anyone would go to depths that vile and untrue. Really makes me think better of progressives.

Ahh, I didn’t realize that,
it should seriously be considered
thinks Democrats should only allow white men to run for office
meant the same thing! Thanks for setting me straight.
(Actual quotes woulda been more useful but whatcha goin’ do.)

Ok, here you go

I dont agree with that at all. People will vote for whoever you tell them to vote for, similar to how the news tells people what and how to think. If the DNC comes out and says that Michelle Obama is the second coming of christ and you need to vote for her or if not then Desantis is going to kidnap your kids and send them to bible school, then that is what people are going to do.

Here’s another possible scenario.

Things will continue to fester and bubble up, but not break into serious secession or hot military action between states or other major bodies. Since the long or medium-term trend of the USA population is decreasing white influence and increasing diversity, I suspect that over perhaps 10-20-30 years that more liberal policies will be enacted nationwide in spite of the Republican gerrymandering. When that happens, we will return to a more democratic state. If MAGA/QAnon influence declines, so will their legislation and SCOTUS status, and they will be minimized.

One can only hope.

Since the DNC does not have it’s own, private “news” network, that is an unlikely scenario.

Did the DNC not have anything to do with getting CNN to keep saying Bernie is a socialist 24/7?

Yes the DNC doesnt have fox news, but it would be naïve to think that they have zero influence on the media cycle during primaries.

CNN said it a lot. Was it at the behest of the DNC? Show your work.

Climate change says “Hello.”

Sounds exaggerated.

Yes, the DNC couldn’t influence someone’s order at an all-steak restaurant.

Excellent. May I steal this?

There is absolutely nothing in his post which implies that.

This is not true. Yes, @LSLGuy said something like that, but I did not.

[quote=“cocoadudedagreyhound, post:107, topic:966824”]
Did the DNC not have anything to do with getting CNN to keep saying Bernie is a socialist 24/7?

  1. Cite?
  2. Sanders himself says he is a socialist, albeit a democratic socialist. The political positions of Bernie Sanders are reflected by his United States Senate voting record, public speeches, and interviews. He is a self-described democratic socialist.


This is an unsourced accusation. Please refrain from dragging old baggage into current threads.

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We all know that a democratic socialist is not the same thing as a socialist dictator of some country that is dependent on one natural resource, but the news will tell people that there isnt any nuance and that hes some evil guy coming to take away your guns and take away your businesses.

Im just giving you my personal acedote of when I was watching the 2020 democratic primaries. CNN was constantly talking about how bernie wasnt electable and how socialist he was. Im sure if you dig for it, you can find it, but Id think it would be common sense to think that the two main political powers of America influence the media.

True. American equate “socialist” with “communist” which is why I wish Sanders would stop using it. I like many of his ideas, but…

Bernie wasn’t electable. In fact, his run in 2016 gave us trump. (one of three factors).

Hillary’s run gave us Trump.


This is a pointed mod note to all who continue to relitigate what happened in 2016 and specific instruction to stop discussing Sanders v. Clinton. That is not the subject of this thread.

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Trump’s run gave us Trump. Even if Obama was able to have a third term, he could have lost as well. What has happened has happened. Its easy to say in hindsight that Hillary was bad, but had she won, this would be a completely differently conversation.

As the mods orders, I will not continue the Sanders vs Clinton discussion since I think its a waste of time. We can ponder all we want about what happened in 2016 but now its 2022. If you dont want the same thing happening again, actually get involved in the political process. Go volunteer for a campaign you believe in and go call people up and knock on doors. Complaining that people picked the wrong candidate from 6 years ago is senseless at this point.

Right. Did you read my post? I said it wasn’t going to be a hot war.

I actually put quite a bit of detail in my post–which you didn’t seem to read.

But your condition is just an excuse to put your head in the sand. We are living in unpredictable times. No one knows the details of what’s about to unfold. That’s precisely why we need to be thinking about different possible scenarios and preparing for them.

If a thread is worth your mockery but not your time to actually read it, why not just skip it.

Right, because we can’t do more than one thing. And you have commented here instead of doing the above. Makes sense!

There is a series of fiction books that reference an “urban war” in the 20’s and 30’s of this century. Sometimes i can see how that could happen. It could be more of a rural vs urban thing over a blue state red state thing.

An example is Pennsylvania with 2 large urban centres and a large rural area. They vote very differently. Even the large urban centres vote differently as the cities grew at separate times and had different industries. The thing that united them was unions. Once that hold broke and the industries left the voting changed.