The Supreme Court has kicked off Civil War 2.0

But what about suburbia? Suburbia is neither urban or rural. There is also the state of Vermont that is very rural and very democratic.

It sounds more like poverty verses wealth. Rural america is broke while Urban America is wealthy. The rest of the world has figured this out forever yet in America we gotta make **** up like racism to make it complicated, yet in the rest of the world its always been a system of class.

Urban America is wealthy? Seriously? No, it isn’t. Not by a long shot.
And whatever you mean by “making up” racism makes no sense. Racism is at the core of why so many poor people are gathered together in segregated urban neighborhoods.

Good op-Ed in the Guardian.
Pay-walled but I believe you get some free views.

That’s what it’s there for.

Racism is made up in that, its a social construct created by humans. One day someone looked at someones skin color and decided to randomly hate against them because it was differently. Other parts of the world built hierarchies out of the class system. Racism was an American made idea.

And Manhattan, San Fran, Boston, DC, Downtown LA, Center City Philly, Chicago are poor? Lol ok. Im sure all the millionaires in Tribeca are miserable. I dont think you know what the property values of urban centers are if you dont know that cities have tons of wealth.

Yeah, OK. Have fun with that.

What other country built a hierarchy based on race that came before the US? Since outside of the US, most hierarchies were based closer on the castle system and not skin color.

Or, conservative policies upheld and defended by Republican Latinos, African-Americans, women, etc.

Cantico del Sadness

The thought of what America,
The thought of what America,
The thought of what America would be like
If the Classics history books had a wide circulation . . .
Oh well!
It troubles my sleep.

Yep, but my OP was so DUMB and ridiculous, c’mon!

Poverty still exists in great numbers in the big cities.

While annual rates show that less than a quarter of New Yorkers live in poverty in a given year, over a longer period we find that half of all New Yorkers have experienced poverty as people have moved in and out of poverty. Thus, longitudinal tracking of poverty is necessary to gain insight on the true scale of the problem of poverty and how to achieve sustained mobility towards a better life for New Yorkers.

The issue is very much one of race over class.

The Bronx was home to the city’s eight poorest neighborhoods. Community District 5, including Morris Heights, Fordham, University Heights and Mount Hope, claimed the top spot with a 35.4% poverty rate. The neighborhoods are 70% Hispanic and 27% Black non-Hispanic, according to the Department of City Planning.

White-majority neighborhoods such as the Upper East Side, Battery Park City, Greenwich Village and Soho in Manhattan and Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Red Hook in Brooklyn are the richest areas in the city.

That won’t happen because the minute it starts to look like it is someone will say, “Who let all these --------'s in here?” You know it, I know it. It’s who they are. Years of outreach can be undone in a minute by an ill-considered remark and, indeed, have been.

That is a different op-ed, but by the same author.

Ah, I see. Well, thanks for alerting me to it.

Some of that is a bit misleading since the cost of living in NYC is so high compared to other places. If those people moved out of the Bronx and into upstate new york, they would be middle class most likely. Just nobody wants to live out where there isnt many jobs and the weather is worse.

Race and class are intertwined since America’s hierarchy is based on race, but class is probably more important than race. If people are poor, it kind of doesnt matter what class they are. Being a poor white person might suck a little bit less than being a poor black person, but poverty sucks in general.

Yes, there are tons of wealth there. But mostly there is poverty. The millionaires in Tribeca are voting solid Republican. It is the impoverished who provide massive Dem majorities in those places.

I dont think you been in a major US city if you think that its mostly poverty. Are you binge watching Fox News lol? Seriously, get outside sometime. Its not some hellhole that you been programmed to believe. People are paying lots of money to live in those cities since they dont want to waste their whole life in a gas guzzler. Those cities have lots of wealth since lots of business is done there. They want to walk to work and go to nice restaurants. They dont want to be stuck on some crappy highway wondering what they are doing with their lives.

And I highly doubt millionaires in Tribeca waste their time voting in a solidly blue state. If you were a millionaire in Tribeca, why you waste your time going to vote? You would give your money to some PAC and go about your life. The upper class doesnt participate in the circuses that the common man deals with.


Knock of the personal attacks. Do this again and you’ll receive a formal warning. You can discuss these issues without making it personal.

Not really an insult since its the same rhetoric that republicans constantly repeat. They constantly talk about how cities are hell holes and look down upon them like they are all like mad max but that is further than the truth. I am not allowed to call out someone repeating the same one liners that have been repeated ad nauseam?


No, you’re not, if you’re going to make it personal. Which you did.

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