The "Surreal continuing story" thread: Have I done something wrong?

I’m addressing this question to NDP and others concerned. I sense that one of my most recent postings on this thread has put people off. Please let me know; I’d like to be able to continue the story of the Narrator and Alice Terwilliger…

Your like leads to a “no thread specified” page.

Maybe the thread just passed away naturally, they do that eventually. Threads don’t stay active forever. Why not bump it to see if people want to continue it? There’s nothing wrong with a little bump now and then.

How do you do that, Samarm?

The URL for the link was cut short.

The one posted is:

They should look like this:

The “s=” part is just a irrelevant session ID, the “threadid=” part is the important part of the link to show the correct thread. It was cut off in the url for some reason, thats why the link is broken.

Basically dougie needs to refind that link and recopy the url, its not a issue of the thread having been deleted.

Hmm, thats wild. The vBB software automatically cleaned my session ID from the second URL I quoted above…interesting.

Don’t be worried Dougie. I was out of town for a few days and didn’t have the opportunity to post until this evening.