"The Sweet Escape"- what song are the "wee-oh"'s sampled from?

This song is played daily on the XM station at my job, and I am trying to place the origin of the “wee-oh”'s found throughout. I think its from a fairly common song, but I’m drawing a blank- possibly a girl group type doo-wop song? Can anyone help?

Note, a co-writing credit is given to Giorgio Tuinfort, but I can’t find if he’s the writier of the sampled song, or just a co-writer of whatever original parts there are in the song.

I can’t listen to this at work, but without even hearing it, “wee-oh” immediately makes me think of “Suspicion” by Terry Stafford.

I’m pretty sure the “wee-ohs” in the song are original and provided by the artist Akon.

This is what I thought too, from seeing her perform it live with him onstage.