the swinging pendulum of self-esteem (humblebrag + unsolicited honesty)

You can play along too with the same or similar format.

Why I’m Awesome

  • Physically attractive enough (IMHO)
  • Attending first tier law school
  • Manly (non-desk military experience, knows boxing)
  • Well-traveled
  • Honest


  • Given the circumstances any asshole could have done what I’ve done (OR I’ve done nothing to earn what I have)
  • Lazy, borderline incompetent (e.g. I have a final tomorrow in a class I (figuratively) slept through but I’m here posting this =D)
  • Gambling with parents’ money by attending law school on their dime during unpredictable economy and law market (my parents are not rich. but in my defense they do expect to some degree I’ll give them an allowance for the rest of their lives)
  • Unapproachable demeanor (I’ve heard that I look like I could stab someone and not flinch)
  • Unjustifiable love of parentheses (and inconsistent punctuation)
  • Humblebraggart. The worst sort of braggart. (Now that I think about it, I think most my posts here are tainted by this element. But I like to think I only do it anonymously, you know, to get it out of my system)

Side-note: I noticed while listing positive traits I refer to myself in the first person but during the negative I wanted to refer to myself in the second. I consciously stopped myself. Kind of interesting. Kind of.