The tables have turned

Where I work, there is a communal kitchen area with a sink and a drying rack. We have a few plates, some mugs, what-have-you. I use these items frequently, and I always wash them afterwards. The only problem is that I sometimes wash them a little while afterwards: my dishes sometimes stay in the sink overnight, and I wash them when I see them the next day. In contrast, many of my colleagues would use things infrequently, but leave them for days on end in the sink.

It was frustrating to me that I seemed to be the only one washing my dishes that I put up a sign, “Contrary to popular opinion there is no washing-up fairy.” My colleagues appreciate my sense of humour and responded to the sign; now they almost never leave their dishes in the sink.

Which means I’m the bad guy, because my dishes now stay there longer than anyone else’s. :frowning: :rolleyes: :smiley:

(Someone ought to do a study on the expression of complex emotions given a limited communication channel such as emoticons.)