The Tale of Two Cuomos

There have been two Democratic governor of New York named “Cuomo.” They look alike – father and son. Their voices are somewhat similar. There the similarity ends. Mario’s speech at the 1984 Democratic Convention (Link to Mario Cuomo 1984 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address) was soaring in its delivery and content. Excerpts below:

By contrast, Andrew Cuomo’s remarks yesterday (link to Andrew Cuomo remarks) were in my opinion carping, cheap and cheesy. Excerpts:

Trump, an elected President, is being treated like a cartoon pin-up. While I did not vote for the Democratic candidate in 1984, I did not vote for Trump either.
However, the contrast is breathtaking. As is Andrew’s hypocrisy. His chosen Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, resigned in disgrace after spearheading the “me-too” movement and then turning out to be a serial abuser. Would that political debate return to the level of the 1960’s or even 1984.

Treating Trump like a cartoon pin-up is way too much dignity then he deserves.

PS: I don’t think the elder Cuomo would have found anything objectionable in the Andrew Cuomo bit you quoted. I certainly didn’t.

Mario was a better person but Andrew seems to be the better governor. Mario’s 'record" seems to mostly be about how great a person he was and what a great spokesman for the liberal wing of the party. Andrew has been less ideological and far more effective.

To give me as much credit as I can stomach, his press secretary issued a statementback-pedaling like mad.

Cuomo Jr. is being pushed left by a primary challenger, and perhaps lost track of how this kind of rhetoric plays in Peoria.


I didn’t even know there was a Peoria in New York. Ignorance fought.

Just west of Geneseo.:wink:

I’d vote for Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon if I lived in New York. But, Cumuo, in trying to appeal to the so-called progressives, ended up sounding like a college freshman coming home for Christmas after a semester of American history taught by a fairly leftist professor.