The Tea Party

I discovered The Tea Party about a year and a half ago, just in time for the Seven Circles cd (I hope I’m not the reason they broke up). I really enjoy their music and would love to find something similar. I love the fusion of world music and hard rock. I know Jeff Martin just released a solo cd, but are there any other bands that have a similar sound to the Tea Party?

I just wish that they’d release a single more than every 5 years or so.

People will probably jeer, but they sort of remind me of Joy Division. A little of Pist*on and Cool For August too. OTOH, the latter two and they became “popular” around the same time (mid/late 90s) so that may be entirely where the assocation lies.

Hmmm, I’ll have to see if I can dig out a tape I’ve got from an interview we had done with them in 1992. We spoke with them as they had supper before a concert in a ridiculously small club in Hamilton. I’m sure we talked about music influences and favourite bands but I only remember them saying that they wouldn’t do videos. This seemed ludicrous to me at the time, but they hadn’t signed their major label deal yet.

Typical references go back to Led Zeppelin and the Doors (especially for Jeff looking like Jim). My wife would suggest Catherine Wheel (Black Metalic) and Eat (Mr. and Mrs. Smack) both from the same era. I’ll see if she’s got other suggestions.

Not really the same overall musical style, but if you like Jazz, the musician Harry Manx ( blends Indian and other eastern sounds into his music, which is something the Tea Party did a lot. My father-in-law introduced us to Manx and we really enjoy his work.