The Temple of Understanding

I purchased a pamphlet book Called The Cult of the All Seeing Eye, by Robert Keith Spenser (Copyright 1964), which included a discussion about the Temple of Understanding which was to have been
built in the USA in the Early sixties, but wasn’t. It may have been sponsored by the United Nations and the pamphlet wrote in opposition as if the pamphlet was by John Birch Society types. Who was to build the Temple and why wasn’t the Temple built?

I did find a site on the web at

It does not appear that the Temple was ever built although they refer to an office in Washington D.C.

Any additional information would be appreciated.

i think the words interfaith probably killed it. its smacks of ecuminiclalism which is another word for non fundamentalism
each to his own, but be true?
“Our common bond is a love for liberty and our rejection of totalitarianism in any form.”
it is interesting and its ‘word language’ belies its underpinning objectives.
i guess it may have been voted ‘un american’ in the truest sense of the word.
john birchers know what i mean…:slight_smile: