The Ten Commandments of Drive-Thru Etiquette

S’good point.

Now I’m torn between your right to use the drive-thru and your inability to order quickly, which is why everyone else is using the drive-thru. Hmmm, it’s a dilemma.

I found a way to avoid this. When I go to my car knowing I’m going to a drive-in, I take enough money out and put it in my shirt pocket. shrug Works for me.

Does the menu take SQL requests? select * from menu where patties=‘beef’ and sauce=‘special’ and num of patties >= 2 and price <= 2.32 order by price;

I don’t spend enough time in drive-throughs to worry about any of this shit. But then, I don’t typically engage in the behavior that the OP has outlined. My thought is, it’s a drive-through, it ain’t that fucking deep. And if you work at one you need to realize this or you’ll probably go crazy. People aren’t doing the stuff to piss you off, they’re doing it without even really thinking about it. It’s not that big of a deal.

Then you just Bluetooth it right into the store, and a printout of your food will be available once compiled.

I think the attitude expressed in to OP is what is wrong here. People seem to forget that they are in a CUSTOMER SERVICE industry. The customer is not there to meekly line up and hand you their money. You are there to provide a service for which the customer pays.

For fuck sake I get so tired of grumpy whiney customer service people that can’t be bothered to smile or say hello. They just sullenly hold out there hand for us to meekly place our money in it like they are doing us a favor.

Fine the job sucks, they do not pay you enough, the CUSTOMERs are dumb asses. Thats the incentive to get a better job. But for cryin out loud try to do the one you have well.

Since we are talking about commandments, how about:

Don’t fuck up my order and put in a Whopper when I ordered a Chicken Sandwich (That I will not discover untill I am 5 miles down the road.


Don’t put a stale six hour old meal in my bag just because you know that I will be to far away to come back and raise hell with your manager.

For fuck sake it ain’t rocket science.

“count thy change while waiting”

nope. sorry. Everytime I’ve done that, I’ve ended up spending more of your time 'cause I drop it. I drive a stick shift, and can’t hold onto $4.38 while simultaneously driving and shifting. and if I put it on the seat next to me, it alwasy goes in between the seat cushions. I’ve learned the hard way, to wait til I’m at the window with the person waiting for the money before I start counting it out. (unless I’m simply paying with dollar bills). but change? nope.

meanwhile, you’re holding out my drink/straws whatever while I’m still fiddling with the change you just gave me? what the fuck gives with that program?

I have to agree that your speed of service times are not my problem. I’ve done my time in fast food. You’re saying, if there are no cars in the line, stop at the preview board, then roll up to the actual window and make my order, right? (Because if someone was ahead of me I would, by default, spend time looking at the preview board, which is what its actual purpose is.) That cuts the time my order is listed on your automated system (since I’m not going, “two burgers, extra cheese, um, gimme a second - anybody want fries? - three large fries”), which makes your manager happy, right? But I don’t care about your manager’s happiness. I don’t intend to stop at the preview board, check it out, have someone pull up behind me wondering what I’m doing sitting there with no one in front of me, pull forward and still have to spend time looking at the menu while your manager leans on you from behind. It will take the same exact amount of time for me to get my food whether I use the preview board or just the menu, which is what I, as a customer, care about.

Also, you know full well that “a lot” of ketchup is more than two packets.

Short version: fast food employment saps the soul. Go get a different job.

(And you know who used to piss me off most? People who pulled up in the rain and didn’t turn off their wipers, flinging dirty water all over me and the window.)

It’s not like I’m sitting there for 10 minutes, I’m talking 30 seconds tops.

Oh give me a break. I didn’t say I can’t understand it, I’m saying all those big pictures are disorienting at first. What if what I want isn’t on the big pictures? Then I have to cycle through the entire menu looking for what I want.

Good call. That’s why I always check my order once they hand me the bag. Hey, stare at me all you want drive-thru amonkey-aboy, I’m making sure I got what I ordered. You’d be surprised (oh heck, no you wouldn’t) at how many times I’ve had to knock on the drive-thru window and get an order fixed.

When thou fuck up my simple order yet again / or don’t have the menu item(s) ready, which requireth me having to pull over into the parking lot, thou shall comp me something. For thou has invalidated the reason for using the drivethru in the first place.

And what happens when the customer asks for something with which the customer-service person cannot provide them?
The sense of entitlement displayed toward the lower end of the food-service chain is difficult to fathom. The people aren’t there to take our grief, it’s certainly not part of their job description, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask of the customer to look up and notice the LACK OF FUCKING ARCHES before attempting to order a Whopper, two orders of McNuggets, and “Biggie” size it- at fucking Sonic.
I’m reasonbly confident that a lot of grief that drive-thru guys take is from people so insecure in their own skins that they have to take the embarassment of not realizing which restaurant the’re at out on somebody.

I run a pension fund, and I’m going to a top-25 law school in July. Among those accomplishments, I also list “knowing what building I just entered.”

But I don’t even know what month it is, nor can I spell “reasonably.”

So fuck you, drive-thru guy. And gimme a liter of cola.

Thou shalt consider that I might be putting out an oil fire at the fry station when I ask thee to wait.

Yeah, that was a fun day. :rolleyes:
I don’t know; the worst for me when I was at the drive-thru was diesel engines. I hated having to ask people to shut their damn cars off because I couldn’t hear over their engines to take their order.

Without the damn, of course.

17) Thou shalt not drive thru Taco Bell with an open beer at 2AM, go into a roid-rage when they can’t hand over the Chalupa and get stuck in the window trying to strangle the late night clerk. A.K.A. The Dion Rayford / Jayhawks Commandment

Happy, I do not suggest that there is any excuse for customers to be rude or give grief to drive thru workers or any customer service workers. Nor should their be any sense of entitlement. I am there to pay for something they are there to provide it. Curtesy and civility are owed by all to all.

I realize that many customers are rude but that is not what the OP was complaining about. The complaint was along the lines of “Don’t fuck up my delivery time quota by not knowing the menu by heart and wasting my time by not having the axact amount of change out when you get to my window”.

I think these are more like the “Ten Commandments of how to make his job as easy as possible.” Which are fine and all, but I don’t see how they are all wins for the customer.

The preview menus are pretty useless, IMO. They usually have the popular combos and maybe some specials. Then you get to the main menu and you get that stuff and everything else they have - kid’s meals, whatever configurations and prices of nuggets, desserts, all the different drinks and sizes - and that, plus all the “do you want…” from the clerk and you’ll probably end up changing your ‘previewed’ order anyway.

Now if the preview board is exactly the same as the main board, you may have a point.

I agree totally with this, as a common courtesy issue. However, I should point out that the customer isn’t responsible for your management’s poor choice of a method for determining valid speed-of-service performance.

Joe Pesci as Leo Getz in “Lethal Weapon”: