The terrorists have already won.


He could have saved the $250 and done something equally effective like, for instance, join all the people who are out protesting today. I think it’s just a sad fact of human nature that at times like this we feel the need to do something, however absurd.

Maybe he’s trying to be artistic? Or he’s probably just trying to be funny. Too hard to tell from the short article.

We’ve got saran wrap and some scotch tape - will that be OK?

I feel sorry for the poor guy and his feeling of helplessness and anxiety. Unfortunately there are too many people out there who have the same reaction.

Terrorists of every persuasion around the world must be laughing their collective asses off watching the US scramble like a classic Keystone Kops movie. They have already won in one sense - they’ve highlighted our vulnerability for all the world to see.

I’ve got a new house with double storm windows and doors. It is more airtight than my greenhouse, which is BTW, 2 layers of plastic, one on the outside of the structure and another on the inside with about 3" airspace between. I think my house is probably safe without doing anything, except maybe turning the central heat/air unit off.

I don’t live in a “probable” target area…whatever that is, if I did, I might have concerns. As it is, I don’t worry too much about it. This poor guy…well, he’s a little over the top obviously.

Have the terrorists won already? This kind of behavior has always been around. A friend of mine has been “surviving” for 20 years now. He’s got an arsenal and food stores to last for years.

Last I heard he was preparing a bunker…:eek: