The thing about having a GF way smarter than you...

When you argue, and you KNOW you’re the “right” one in the argument, yet she is still able to mind fuck you and turn it all around on you. You then find yourself apologizing and thinking quietly to yourself: “How the fuck did that happen?”

I love my girl, but damn if her debating skills don’t make me feel like the village idiot sometimes. :smiley:

You’re going to have to flip the script on her: get upset WAY disproportionately to whatever the argument is about, be inexplicable and irrational, and utterly fail to see reason, no matter how reasonable she’s being.

You obviously don’t realize that you were never right in the first place. In arguments of this kind the woman is right and the man wrong by definition. I know I can’t win, I’m just not going to give up without a fight.

You get used to it after a while. The trick is to still get her to buy you manflowersafterward to make you feel better. A dozen or so red or white make it all better. :slight_smile:

I’ll drink to that.

*If a Man falls down in the forest, and nobody’s there to hear it…

is he still wrong?*

Yes, but is she hot? :wink:

Of course! Smart women are way hot in my opinion.

It’s not intelligence. It’s natural feminine constructs that defeat men. I’m pretty sure I’m more learned than my wife, and more experienced. But my arguments and rebuttals often meet dead ends with her. She can resort to crying, threats, incredible sidesteps, even lying. And sometimes it takes me days to realize I’ve been had (again.)

Rule #1: Don’t argue with women.
Save the planet instead. :smiley:

My parents’ marriage lasted 50 years, terminated only by my mother’s untimely death. All the time I was growing up, I never – and I mean NEVER – heard them argue.

I asked my dad once how this was possible, and he said, “Easy. She was always right.”

She probably really was.