The thread of stupid questions

Stupid because they are either A) unanswerable or because B) the answer is contained in the question. I’ll start:

Why does it take Social Security more than 6 weeks to change the bank to which they will directly deposit your check, when my pension can do it in one week? This is definitely a B). Because it’s Social Security, of course.

What’s your stupid question?

The other day, I’m driving down the road. Mile after mile of big, blue pipe is stacked up on the side of the road, some of it assembled into sections hundreds of yards long.

There is this big machine, with a big ol’ claw-like thing, picking up sections of pipe and lowering it into dug trenches.

Somebody* asks me, "What do you think they’re building there?


*I’m not saying, but they really should have known better

Why are Banks never open at convenient times outside of 9-5 hours? Indeed they will usually run 9.30am to 4.30pm, and have too few tellers at lunch time.

Answer: because they can.

The answer to all questions about life in America beginning with “Why . . . ?” is “Follow the money”. Or, more precisely, you can find your own answer to all such questions by tracing the cash flow directly to the causation.

Do you know where I left my keys?

…except for, you know, the many things in life in America that have nothing causally to do with money.

Should I take off my skis before going through a revolving door?

Why do companies send out emails from a “no-reply” address saying “If you have any questions please contact us”…without providing any contact information?

I thought this was going to be a list of all the stupid threads people post when they could have just Googled it.

Why don’t they invent something that makes it easier/ faster to shave?

Where is the last place you had them?

Name one. Everything you do requires an enabling mechanism, which will not come into existence without a profit to be made.

See post #7. How does "follow the money answer that question?

That makes about as much sense as “Every question involves water, because no one would ask any questions if they didn’t have water in their body.” :rolleyes:

Do you where the last place I had them was?

Stupid question to answer-“Dos this make me look fat?”

“What’s that guy’s name, in that movie?..”

“…you know-the guy with that thing?”

Question #7 does not begin with “Why…?” as is the condition stated by Jtur88 that leads to the answer “Follow the money.”

So, fail.

When my wife and I were watching the first episode of Designated Survivor and I saw Virginia Madsen, I said “Is that…” And before I could even finish the question, my wife said “That woman from that movie? Yes.”

The funny thing is, we both knew exactly which movie she was talking about.