The Thread that Disappeared

So I came across a thread in IMHO not 15 minutes ago. Some joker links to a picture of Jim Caviezel from The Passion and makes a generic “God-God-God, Jesus-Jesus” statement. Then he/she added about eight or ten links with titles. Then they had the gall to say, in bold, at the bottom of the page: Bad comments will be noted and reported, so be nice.
I was going to reply snarkily with a link to Betty Bowers, since she’s America’s greatest Christian. But by the time I hit ‘submit’, the thread was gone. I searched and it is as if it never existed. I know for a fact that one person, phlosphr, replied to that thread. That post is gone too.
What the hell? I just wanted to be snarky… :frowning:

Spam threads like that are always disappeared. You may not have noticed, but it was cross-posted to all forums. Even if you had posted something in it, your post would be gone now too!

Spam threads like that one are routinely “disappeared” in order to avoid encouraging their perpetrators, who are automatically banned. It’s better to report them rather than reply to them (other than to say that the thread has already been reported).

I replied to it twice, in fact - once to say that it didn’t make me sad, but it was kinda gross, and once to ask the OP who they were going to report us to. Oh well. We all knew that one wasn’t long for this world.

You can be snarky here, if you like.

Evidently, it made the mods too sad.

Spam threads make the Baby Jesus cry.

I’m just sad I didn’t get to post my link. What the hell, I’ll just do it here!
He left out the Christian stance on homosexuality in his links.

Well, I assume they’d be reporting us to God …

Who I like to think has better things to do than worry about what we have to say.

Deleting those threads made the baby Jesus-bot leak lubrication fluid.

The mods had better look out for RoboSanta.

I, too had something witty to say that I posted, and for once, I got to be the first to say something witty in response to something. I was sad, but I had a feeling that was going to happen. Even though I’m not first anymore, I’m going to do it anyway…

/quote Bad comments will be copied and reported. /quote

Who are you going to report me to? God already knows I’m a heretic.
Nobody likes a tattle tale.

:smiley: That was fun. Again.

Yes, that would be the assumption, but when they’re THAT crazy, you never know what they’re going to come out with.

I just wish they were real people instead of spam bots and that they actually would report some of the snark. Then there would be a faint chance that we’d have a legitimate (rather than spoofed) e-mail address and we could report them to their ISP.

(I wonder if it has ever occurred to them that the level of dishonesty and harrassment in which they engage is not exactly the sort of thing Jesus meant when he issued the Great Commission: “Go and spam all message boards, interrupting them in the name of dishonesty, irritation, and hiding one’s identity.”
“For God so loved the world that he sent his many spam-bots, that whoever accepts that drek will have eternal spam.”)

To be perfectly honest I would love to link to something like F*** the Skull of Jesus at MIT for someone like that. The sheer horror I can imagine…it might even make a proselyte cry. Mmmm…pure evil.