The Traveler - Who's Read it?

I picked this book up the other day - The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks. So far so good - it’s really fast-paced and deals with this group of people who try and live “off the grid” so that they’re not tracked by anything like licenses, social security numbers, passports, bank accounts - nothing. They live like this to protect themselves from having their powers taken away from them. Is anyone reading this or has anyone read it? I’m only on chapter 7 - but I really don’t understand what this group’s “powers” are?

I read it. It was decent enough, I suppose, but I had no idea that it was supposed to be a trilogy or whatever of books so I was a bit surprised at the end when nothing seemed resolved. It wasn’t nearly as intelligent or interesting as I had been led to believe by some review that I read of it, but it was an easy and quick read. Sort of like “The DaVinci Code” - as long as you don’t take it as serious fiction, it’s not too bad.

I’m reading it now. So far, so good.

That’s cool it’s going to be one of a trilogy - so far I like it enough that I would want to read on.

So what are the Traveler’s powers? The ability to move into other “realms?” But what exactly does that mean? Like I said, only on chapter 7 so I’m still trying to figure things out…any tidbits of info would be much appreciated!

Clothahump, do you like it so far?

eek. Ok so wanted to bump to see if anyone else had read this. So since I last posted I’ve read about 6 more chapters and I get it a little more. I still don’t understand the “realms” but I do get the whole “grid” thing better and how the Brethren monitors everyone. Those surveillance methods that are discussed are real I bet - very cool - like matching one’s iris pattern with one’s passport?!

Basic question though - what is the distinction between the Tabula and the Brethren?

I don’t want to spoil it so I can’t really give out any details about the other realms. It will become more clear as the book goes on though. Whereabouts are you in the book?

I’m on Chapter 13 I think - Maya and Linden are in the movie theater and he’s convincing her of why she needs to be the one to go protect the Corrigan brothers. This is following the recap of the Traveler/Harlequin/Brethren history.

So the Brethren are the ones that run that foundation that they just took the professor too (Evergreen Foundation?) and the Brethren are the TAbula? Or the Brethren do the work of the Tabula? How are they related or are they synonmous?