The Troll to have a street named for him.

The Fremont Troll under the Bridge may get a street named after him.
He has been a fixture under the Aurora bridge since 1990.
We love our Troll, and are so happy for the recognition he so richly deserves.
(yes, its a real VW bug.)

In the link with all the graffitti, click on the troll to see the artist.

How very cool! That’s high on the list of things I’d like to see if I ever get out that way.

But clicking on the graffiti-page troll… that gets an extreme close-up of a nostril. :eek:

He’s an artist, what can I say? :smiley:

The troll is definitely on my list of things to see next time I am in Seattle. Last time I was there a couple years ago, my friend who lives out there was telling me about it but couldn’t remember exactly where it was and we drove around in circles for close to an hour before finally giving up.

Cool, years ago I lived practically under the bridge myself. I was a troll before there was The Troll.

Well, everyone who says, “next time, I’ll see the Troll”, should make plans to come up here for Trollaween Its great fun!

Awww, we just drove by him last night.

Anyone who visits the area should definitely go see him. And that big old Lenin statue (what the heck is that for? Is it just art?). Just go see Fremont. It’s full of interesting things to look at. Mr. Stasaeon particularly likes the neon-lit Rapunzel on the Fremont bridge (isn’t that the same neon sign in the big brewery on… ergh… street names elude me… I think it’s on Leary?).

The Troll is the coolest part of Fremont, IMO.

Fremont has changed a lot though over the past few years. When they decided to take out the old Irish pub to put up condos, I knew it would never be the same.
Now you can’t even get married in a used clothing store! Sad times.