The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

True Blood seemed to think so. Those vampires were always fucking like bunnies.

Loser Donald must have been bored stiff after the rain ruined his golf today, because he thought it was a good idea to retweet an audio clip of a Texas politician using the bathroom.

Now I want a steak.

Bone-in rib, medium rare, with thick slices of slightly underdone cremini mushrooms.

I read that as “fucking bunnies.” I think that means my damned eyes are tired.

Individual 1 staffer Larry Kudlow trying to explain to Fox News’s Jesse Watters that the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau are not government agencies.

Here ya go, Ukulele Ike:

(Hint: You gotta read the whole thread that came from, or at least the first 50 posts, to get the whole context. Mushroom ensued.)

Holy crap, man, I got forty posts in before noticing that that stuff is fifteen years old. You could, maybe, make a note of that.

What IS IT with some Nazis? They just have a certain look. I think with Miller it’s the dead eyes.

Well, fencing scars are out of fashion these days, and you’ve got to find some way to show off how awful a human being you are, right?

Dammit, now I want a steak, and I haven’t got anything thawed. You bastard.

You have to season it and let it sort of absorb it before searing it and getting that rare center to just where it stops mooing. Sublime. I can taste it.

But you lost me at mushrooms. I’ve tried them but I just don’t…get it. Like olives. Or cilantro. Is it genetic? The texture makes me want to hork.

I purchased two Scanga Meat (local company) tenderloins yesterday. Very $ but worth it as we only don’t do steak that often. I don’t bother with anything else from the grocery store or wherever.

I’m with you on the mushrooms. I don’t mind TOO much if I have to pick them off a piece of pizza. To me, there is know point in them. Have at it if you like 'em. You can have all of mine.

Olives I love, but cilantro is, I believe genetic. Cilantro is OK provided it’s just a bit.

Same here. It’s bullshit, pretending to be “independent and impartial” In short, another lie.

No, I don’t think that is his intent at all.

I hate you so, so much right now.

I planned on making spaghetti today, dammit, but somewhere in the back of my freezer is a London Broil, to be unearthed and thawed at room temperature on a special occasion, seared with a dollop of real butter, seasoned with something to be determined after careful contemplation—but definitely freshly-ground----and eaten with from-scratch mashed potatoes.

Oh, and if you want your stuff to keep, I found these things called Rubbermaid Brilliance, which are air tight and keep your frozen stuff in excellent shape.

Dammit, my stomach’s growling.

I’m going to have to bake fresh bread for the garlic bread to get the steak out of my mind.

And it may be petty, but when I heard how Trump eats his steaks, it was the last little bit of confirmation what a raging cretin he really is.

Christ, my stomach is growling so bad at the thought of that steak I think I scared the cat.

The one that died last week?

Did you not see how that thread ended?

Knock it off.

I have more than one, cuntflap, which you’d know if you were anything BUT a troll like those others.

Go pick your dingleberries off.

Barr’s attempts to drive a stake through the heart of law and order is beginning to attract attention. Over 1000 former DOJ officials, from both Republican and Democratic administrations, call on him to resign. That’s got to hurt a bit. Hopefully.

I’m thrilled that the outcry is building. It’s our only hope.

I saw this article from Nov, 2016 mentioned on CNN’s Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources show (clip):

10 Ways to Tell if Your President Is a Dictator

That article was written just after the election. Here’s the author’s update from a couple of days ago (It may be pay-walled. I had to open it up in an incognito tab.):

Trump Is Failing His Dictatorship Test

After impeachment, the president has been passing most of the checkpoints on the way to authoritarianism.

Death by a thousand cuts? That might be a good description.

I just came in to post this. I’m thrilled, too.

We need to do everything we can to support them and others who raise this alarm. If there are protests organized, I plan to attend them. I called Josh Hawley’s office to leave a message for the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate Barr and have written emails to both my Senators and my House representative to organize efforts to call on Barr to resign.

The only thing that is going to work at this point is public pressure. A lot of it.