The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

Mick Mulvaney, director of the Consumer Financial [del]Protection[/del] Bureau, requests a budget of $0. All previous budget requests, for hundreds of millions of dollars, have been filled without hesitation as the CFPB is one of the few arms of the government that actually nets billions of dollars by fining financial institutions for defrauding their customers. Or should I say, it did that - past tense.

"“So far this week the acting director has announced plans to gut the payday lending rule, asked big banks and Wall Street special interests how they would like to destroy the agency from the inside, and now he’s screwing with its funding,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress, a consumer group. “What he hasn’t done is offer one announcement about actions taken to protect consumers.”

The deconstruction of the administrative state continues.

The Dems should just keep proposing it again and again.

I guess he thinks a shutdown is kind of like an enema.

This really does boggle the mind. A mind that is already seriously over-boggled.

This seems somewhat unsatisfying. I propose that the word “Agency”, “Bureau”, “Commission”, “Department” or “Administration” be routinely replaced with something like “Racket”. As in “Consumer Financial Protection Racket”. Or some similar word that works as well or better.

Four republican senators voted against.

Correction: Five republicans.

I give this a PL (Propaganda Level) of 6, mostly because it’s so nakedly blunt and gloriously devoid of supporting facts. Some choice quotes:

“the Schumer Shutdown” is a nice try but I don’t think it’s going to have sticking power. When you’re the party in charge, as well as the head guy in charge of the party in charge, playground bully-style nicknames just come across as sad attempts to distract, redirect and avoid the fight.

Well, no, it ain’t “Dicky Durbin”, but they can’t all be gems!

White House publicity stunt showing Trump pretending to work backfires

Shouldn’t the button for the active phone line be lit up?

For anyone who missed SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Robert Mueller last night, it’s worth a watch:

SNL Mueller Skit

Mike Pence went to the Middle East and used active duty, on duty, in uniform military members as props to criticize the Democrats. Not only immoral and false, but illegal.

That sketch makes me wonder: if Trump does fire Mueller, what are the chances there would be a *huuuuuuge *data dump the next day of everything that’s been gathered so far? :smiley:

… and that’s why I have both those scumbags on Ignore. They turn my fucking stomach.

Trump and his cronies are destroying the system from within, exactly as Putin wanted them to.

As much as Trump is a bigot, a racist, a thief and a liar, I think we’re beginning to see how he’ll truly be remembered; he’s weak.

Trump is literally being pushed about by a 32-year-old kid with no friends and zero political capital; Stephen Miller, it’s now apparent, can force his will on the President of the United States. We’re not talking about the Kochs, or a powerful congressman, of Vladimir Putin; we’re talking about a silly little racist twerp who has no real allies but has force of will and is pushing Trump around.

If you look at Trump’s behaviour from a perspective of his being weak, it all makes sense.

Why can’t he stop eating shit food? He’s weak.
Why can’t he stop fucking whores and porn stars? He’s weak.
Why can’t he control his outbursts? He’s weak.
Why can’t he do his job full time? He’s weak.
Why is he so easily manipulated? He’s weak.

For all his abilities in bluster and persuasion, he’s simply too weak.

I have a feeling quite a few indictments would be unsealed and arrest warrants executed. At the state levels. Where pardons would do no good at all. :smiley:

Note that I agree with you, but the counter part is:

How can he eat shit food, yet be the healthiest president ever? He’s STRONG!
How can he manage to fuck pornstars and prostitutes, while also keeping Melania satisfied? He’s STRONG!
How can he be so vigorous in his statements? He’s STRONG!
How can he manage to run the country, and still have time left over for golf and cheeseburgers? He’s STRONG!
How is he able to please so many people with different wants and needs at all times? He’s STRONG!

Hmmm, I really though compiling that list would be more amusing to myself, instead, I just feel dirty, like I just pulled my head out of a conservative’s ass.

Trump appointed a 24-year-old campaign volunteer to be the number two at the Office of National Drug Control Policy . His previous experience in the field was working in the family pharma business, from which his stepfather was jailed for processing illegal steroid importations. His resume appears to have been puffed, as well.

He was also fired from his previous job at a law firm for simply not bothering to show up to work.

Actually sounds like an ideal candidate to me.

Cite that Melania is satisfied? :dubious: