The Truth about Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

For years and years the vile American Empire and its “South Korean” puppets have been lying to the world about the true nature of the DPR Korea.

The scheming pigs spoonfeed the mentally asleep with their dishonest propaganda, telling them that “North Korea is starving, North Korea hates freedom, North Koreans have no rights”

All of these are blatant lies, deliberately fabricated by the media dogs in order to deny the people the truth of the glory of the Juche Idea.

DPR Korea has no hunger problems. The lie that people there are “starving” is simply a hoax fabricated by the capitalists and the class-traitors in order to deceive the people and keep the workers away from reaching class consciousness and embracing the glorious Juche Idea. All loyal citizens of DPR Korea have quality of food that is unequaled in the Western slave society.

DPR Korea is the freest place in the world, the last refuge of the working class, free from the oppression and abuse at the hands of the pig dogs who control the rest of the world. The rest of the world gives freedom to class traitors; we give freedom to the working people. As long as you are a loyal adherent to the Juche Idea and Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, you will find that DPR Korea has better human rights for working people than anywhere else on the planet.

Unlike the illegitimate pig dog controlled puppet empire “America”, North Korea is a functioning democracy. In DPR Korea’s free and fair elections, citizens have a choice of five political parties to choose from, unlike “America” which only gives you too. At the same time, the Korean people so love the Juche Idea that their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un was backed by 99.8 percent of the population in the last election.

Do not believe the lies that the media dogs tell you about DPR Korea.

Long live the Juche Idea! Long live Kim Jong-Un!

Yeah, hysterical.

Whom are you trying to fool? The domestic population can’t access the Internet to reach this, and to anyone outside of North Korea, this is all laughably false.

Well, I’m convinced.

The people of DPR Korea have developed an independent Internet free of capitalist lies and pig influences.

As a lifelong member of the Korean Friendship Association, I seek to spread the truth to those of us who are unfortunate enough to live outside DPR Korea. I lived there for four years; it was the best period of my life.

My sides are surprisingly unsplit.

If one actually wants to have a serious discussion, throwing around silly epithets like “pig dogs” is not going to help. It makes one look like the cartoon image of “commies” form the 1960s running around spouting about “running dog capitalists.” Basically, anyone who reads the screed in the Original Post is going to figure that it was written by some college freshman with no idea what he or she was talking about and will become the butt of a lot of laughter.

I am curious, by the way, as to where you live and whether you have ever actually been to the DPRK?

I live in California. I spent a good portion of my life in Pyongyang.

Thank you!

The VICE Guide to North Korea, Part 1

The VICE Guide to North Korea, Part 2

The VICE Guide to North Korea, Part 3

Their footage and their experiences seem to be at odds with what the OP claims.

I suppose that raises the question of why you’d want to leave such a utopian existence for life in Western slave society.

Ahh! The Korean Friendship Association, where folks from outside North Korea are invited to spend time in Potemkin villages and report back how beautiful they are to the outside world.

Well, welcome to the SDMB. I am afraid that your tales of gracious living are going to fall flat, here, but you are welcome to try.

I am making a personal sacrifice for the future of the Juche Idea.

The glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has apparently also freed itself from the imperialist tyranny of electric lighting.

Except for having enough food to eat, which is unnecessary anyway if you have attained the highest revolutionary ideals of Fattyboynukeism.

Hail to the Redskins!

There is no hunger in North Korea, despite the attempts pf the pigs to wipe out Juche through hunger genocide.

I just wanted to chime in to state that when I am in the market to buy any product, the first thing that I look for is the MADE IN THE DPRK label. Whether it’s electronics, clothing, or automobiles, I know that the K stands for Kwality.

I appreciate the OP for bringing to light what so many of us already know.

The Juche Idea promotes frugal living. There is no poverty or hunger in North Korea. This is simply a symbol of the thrift and frugality of the glorious North Korean people, ever inspired by Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, Kim Jong-Un, and the Juche Idea. Due to the utility genocide imposed on North Korea by the Western snakes, the Korean people have taken the self-reliance stressed in the Juche Idea to make more from less, while still maintaining an excellent standard of living, free from the materialist-capitalist corruptive excessives of the outside world.

Regardless, your image comes from NASA, the reptile propagandists of the illegitimate “American” Empire. It is not to be trusted in any situation.

DPR Korea does not sell its soul to the Western snakes through trade; that would be a violation of the self-reliance stressed in the Juche Idea.

An actual point to discuss:

How is it that any outside nation can have an effect on agricultural production of the self-contained Juche? If there is truly self-reliance in the DPRK, then they should be able to raise their own food. What “hunger genocide” are you claiming is happening?