The Tudors Season 2 penultimate Ep. (Spoilers)

Watched this last night.

Grim. Lots of heads hitting the ground. The guy playing Cromwell is doing a great job IMO. I loved the way he got Mark into the room and was very normal with him just before the torture started. Very cold and clinical about it all.

Even though it’s probably not at all historical I liked how the Vatican spy was able to complete his mission by admitting adultery with Anne. His face lite up when he was asked the questions. “Oh, you’re arresting me for that form of treason and not the one I’m actually carrying out” :smiley:

All it all I like this show. I generally read the actual history after each ep. to see where they’ve got off the rails but I don’t have a problem with the show and the decisions they have made.

I’m going to a open casting for extras they are having here. It would be good fun to stand in the background.

I’ll let you know if I have any luck. You might be seeing me on the show you never know :slight_smile:

Anne gets the chop next week. I’ll miss Natalie Dormer with her weird mouth cuteness going on.

Yeah, she is hot in an odd, kinda pig nosed way. I can’t wait to see her dead though. Her character has almost ruined this season for me. Not sure why exactly. I just hate her and wish the King would treat her even worse than he does. :slight_smile:

Dude! Spoiler alert!!

Just kidding.

This season is so much grimmer than last season. I keep wondering whether the beheadings and rackings were just part of the everyday fabric of society or whether people were truly freaked out about it.

So, if you’re going to an open call for casting, does that mean that there will be a season 3? :dubious: I wonder how they’re going to ugly up JRM?

I completely missed that the Vatican spy was the dude who gleefully confessed to sleeping with Her Majesty.

For some reason, Showtime on Demand has released the following week’s episode prior to its airing, so I’ve already seen the finale. It’s very good. I felt bad for poor Anne, even though I hated her like everyone else.

I’ve read “The Wives of Henry VIII” by Antonia Fraser, which I believe is what the series is based on. I can recognize the kernels of truth interspersed with the dramatic license they are freely using. There is plenty of drama ahead if they actually get through all 8 wives, though none of it as compelling (IMO) as the tug of war that happened between Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn.

The casting notice said it was for Season 3.

(Nitpick) 6 wives (/nitpick)

Yes, I am curious about next season. Jane Seymour is really kind of boring, as is Anne of Cleves. They might be able to spice things back up again with Katherine Howard, but ol’ Henry wasn’t in fighting shape by then

I knew that!

Jane Seymour had a lot of family politics going on in the background of her reign, too–and don’t forget the increased pressure to bear a son, now that one wife has been killed for not doing so. Hers could be a really tragic story.

And hey, Anne of Cleves was the only one to actually smack and spit at the king. She’s pretty cool. :slight_smile:

This season was somewhat of a drag, IMO, compared to the first season. I wonder why the producers chose to overlook what could have been marvelous dramatic fodder.


…(T)he Queen and her brother were put on trial at the Great Hall of the Tower of London…Anne conducted herself in a calm and dignified manner, denying all the charges against her. Her brother was tried next, with his own wife testifying against him… (T)hey were both found guilty, with the sentence being read by their uncle, Thomas Howard , the Duke of Norfolk.

You can’t make up more dramatic stuff.

I found it interesting that George Boleyn’s wife becomes one of the ladies-in-waiting to Catherine Howard, and gets that young lady in a whole heap of trouble.

JRM is so pretty, but isn’t he a bit short to play Henry VIII? Also, will he be wearing a fat suit?

I love the clothes, and everyone is so pretty, and although it may not be completely historically accurate, I love how everyone involved just dives into it with such passion.

I think they allude to a fatter Henry coming in the future in the final scene of the season, when he is stuffing his face as Anne dies. I agree that I wanted to see Anne’s trial dramatized, and George’s. That was a missed opportunity.

With Jane Seymour, will they also go into politics of Mary and Elizabeth? That would be interesting. Also, how many wives will we see next season? I’m kind of dreading seeing Henry get his son. He’s going to be sooooo sickeningly happy.

Too short, too slight, too dark. But the right 'tude, apparently.

Caught the finale last night. I enjoyed it. Poor Anne having to wait and wait for the French executioner wasn’t nice. At least he did his job well when he actually managed to turn up.

The father was a right bastard. Didn’t give a fuck about his kids just his own arse.

I liked how it ended with a fake out. I really thought it was Anne’s head in the thing put in front of Henry. Instead it was a nice swan pie that he ended the show stuffing into himself. Foreshadowing of future gluttony me thinks.

All in all I enjoyed the finale. It was well done and acted.

The actress playing Jane is very fair of face which fits into the RL persons character from what I’ve read. I’d assume that we’ll have more than one wife in season three but we’ll have to wait and see what they do.

Since the thing is called “The Tudors” and not “The Six Wives of Henry XIII” I’m wondering at some stage will they just jump to Henry dying and move on to the kids. Things get interesting then, that’s for sure.

Oh and due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn’t make the casting so no yojimbo lurking in the background in S3. :frowning:

I wish they would have began the whole Tudor Series with the usurper Henry VII.



What I want to know is what happened to Knivert and Norfolk, they featured prominently in the first season and weren’t in the second at all.

For me, season two rates lower than season one because of the annoying Katherine of Aragon.