The TV series: Fargo


Just into episode 2. No spoilers, please. I’m just flabbergasted, ya!

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Which season are you watching?

Really one of the best shows out there.

Into season three now. I much preferred 1& 2 but it’s early days yet in 3.

I rank the seasons 1,2,4 and 3.

I watched the movie several years ago and remember very little about it. Do I need to re-watch before starting the show?

Ditto, Billy Bob was amazing in the first season. I loved Kirsten Dunst in the second season. Season 3 was good, but there was a lot going on and I didn’t think it was as good as the first two seasons. This current season, I watched the first 2 episodes and gave up. I just couldn’t get into it.
I keep telling myself I need to go re-watch the first two seasons.

Not really, the show is mostly more related in tone rather than plot and every season is a loosely linked standalone story. The largest connection to the film is in season 1 and it is relatively minor in a sense. Since you have seen the film I bet you’ll probably recall the connection when you see scene in question. But even if you don’t it isn’t a huge deal.

That said, watch the film anyway. IMHO it is excellent :wink:.

Not only is it not necessary, as far as I’m concerned you can watch any season of the show independently of any other season or the movie. They all stand alone.

No previous knowledge required. Maybe because I’m Canadian??? I don’t know, but I find it just quirky and odd, and ya, somewhat Canadian, but maybe that’s just the weather! It’s not often that shows are purposely set in sub-zero Celsius environments.
You’ll never guess what bugged me though: no one took their boots off after entering a house!
Not even killers! Doh!

Yeah, S4 suffers from the same problems as S3, overstuffed so that the most interesting elements are buried under a lot of dross. S1 and S2 are excellent, IMHO, then the quality drops off.

Northern Minnesota (and Northern Wisconsin and the UP) are practically Canada, so it makes sense.
The funny thing is how many shows are shot in Canada but take place in California.



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