Fargo S4

Fargo S4 is a go, set in the early Fifties and starring Chris Rock: https://deadline.com/2018/08/fargo-season-4-chris-rock-fx-tca-1202439584/

Here’s the S3 thread: https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=823804

The earlier seasons had their ups and downs but I liked each, all in all. I’ll hope for the best with this one, too.

Thanks for the heads up, definite must watch!

I liked Season 1, loved Season 2, and was lukewarm on Season 3. Hopefully Season 4 will be a return to form and not just a collection of self-indulgent digressions.

Filming in fall of 2019, so a spring 2020 release?

something to look forward to !

This sounds awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

Chris Rock? Really?

I hear this time the are going to have a sociopathic bad guy with weird personality quirks.

Nah, I think they’ll stick to the tried and true.

And some just-plain-folks who get sucked into a mess way over their heads, plus a folksy law enforcement officer or two who the bad guys underestimate, maybe?

And lots of snow. Is it ever summertime in Minnesota?

ETA: Hmm. I see this one is set in Missouri.

I don’t think so, why give up what’s working?

Will Chris Rock’s character be related to Mike Milligan from Season 2?

I bet you’re also the guy predicting that the new revival of The Twilight Zone is going to have a bunch of eerie stuff.

Chris Rock will be 54 when this goes into production. Assuming his character is the same age, the character would have been born around 1900, and would be nearly 80 at the time of Season 2 (1979).

Bokeem Woodbine was 42 when Season 2 premiered. Again assuming that his character was the same age, that would mean Mike Milligan was born around 1937. So if his character is related to Chris Rock’s, it would be more like a grandson than a son. He would be a small child at this time.

All of the seasons have had links, although 3 is more tenuously connected to the others than 1 and 2.

The character Joe Bulo from the Kansas City mob is old enough to appear in Season 4 as a younger man.

I hope they work in some clever tie. I like having them all linked somehow (like the ice scraper and ransom money from the movie appearing in S1).


S4 begins Sept. 27. Looks like a great cast and a fully-realized Fifties setting (those cars! those clothes!). IMDB has a trailer.

Oh that will be so good -

Glad it’s finally here. Was bummed out after it got bumped from the Spring lineup due to COVID.

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I just saw the trailer. Sweet!