The Twilight Zone on Netflix streaming! What should I watch?

I was so excited to realize this series is available on netflix (well, seasons 1-3 and 5 are). Any recommendations for good episodes? I have been wanting to watch this iconic piece of television for a while.

Don’t read anything about these. Just watch them cold. The Masks still freaks me out.

Living Doll

The Masks

Are you a complete Twilight Zone virgin?!??

A couple of my faves from Season 5:
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Living Doll
Night Call

Part of the fun of Twilight Zone is seeing young actors who later made it big. Check out “Nothing in the Dark” in Season 3.

Well, not a total virgin because I’ve seen all the parodies (simpsons, SNL, etc) but I have not actually seen a real full episode. So maybe a technical virgin? Like someone who has had anal sex but not vaginal?

Is that the one with Robert Redford and Gladys Cooper? I weep copiously every time I see that one.

That’s the one. Makes me cry, too.


A World of His Own

Time Enough at Last will fill your MDR of irony.

Other threads re: TZ marathons: [thread=614894]2011[/thread] [thread=352092]2006[/thread] Some great episodes mentioned there.

Too many good ones to name.

The one with the gremlin on the airplane has been paradioed by the Simpson’s but it took me until the credits came on to realize that it was William Shatner.

Also there’s another episode that had one character and no actual lines just a lot of shrieking and terrified moans. I couldn’t place the voice until I looked it up and found out it was Endora from Bewitched.

There are a lot of good ones but “Walking Distance” is hard to beat. The ‘longing for the simpler past of our youth’ set to that gorgeous Bernard Herrmann score gets me every time.

Nick of Time, probably the best episode in the series, and by far the most underrated.

The one with the gremlin on the airplane was redone in Twilight Zone: The Motion Picture with John Lithgow playing the part that William Shatner played. It was referenced on The Third Rock from the Sun when William Shatner guest starred. One of them told the other, “Hey, that same thing happened to me.”

That was brilliant.

A Stop at Willoughby is one of my favorites–I would have gotten off the train, too.

Oh my god so many! Everything recommended so far is classic.

Let me get an episode list in front of me:

Time Enough at Last breaks my heart.
The Eye of the Beholder is a classic of classics. One of the most famous.
Nick of Time has Shattner, and is kind of awesome.
*A Penny for your Thoughts *with Dick York is a personal favorite.
Twenty Two gave me nightmares for most of my childhood. I still don’t like to sleep with the sound of a clock in the room.
Long Distance Call is another uber classic.
The Silence is…just watch it. It’s good.
It’s a Good Life. Another classic of classics. And for good reason.
*Once Upon a Time *has Buster Keaton, which is reason enough to watch.
Kick the Can. Feel good classic.
To Serve Man. You know the ending, but watch it anyway.
*Little Girl Lost *- not as good as the Simpsons parody, but still good.
Terror at 20,000 feet. Another super famous one
A Kind of Stopwatch. Fantastic.
The Last Night of a Jockey, with Mickey Rooney. Very Good.
*The Living Doll *- again, classic.
The Dummy - Fun with Ventriloquist Dummies.