The two most hideous liquids in the world

How is it that Gin (nasty stuff) and Tonic (also nasty stuff) with a little lime can make the most refreshing stupendous drink known to summer?

(psst, that’s a Ginnan if ya weren’t following along.)

Tonic and Vodka on the other hand, makes a drink that tastes like water. (So much so that a College roommate got alcohol poisoning on 'em.)

Now, ya also gotta know that the AMOUNTS of Gin and Tonic are critical. Get em wrong, and you just have another hideous liquid. (1.5 oz Gin, 8 oz glass, ice cubes, half lime, fill with tonic.)

  1. Crazy horse malt liquor
  2. Lowenbrau (sp?)

Ahhh, G&T, searing Mediterranean noon sunshine, a shady deckchair up on the boat deck, watching the flying fish… Bliss

World Eater: Yeah, but mix those together, and the result is still hideous. Gin and Tonic go thru an amazin’ transformation.

(kinda like that bespectacled zit ridden girl in those High School Angst movies that’s amazingly redeemed JUST before prom.)

How about the world’s strongest acid mixed with liquid TCDD?*
*I think that’s the abbreviation…

Ah gotcha, I didn’t see the part where we combine them into an elixer of the gods.

In that case, I’ll have to second the OP.

Vodka (neat) and Mustard dill pickle brine…you take a shot of vodka and follow it up with a shot of the brine that those little pickled cucumbers go in (also with mustard seeds) for some reason this is really nice! I had it in St Petersbourgh in a restaraunt and its was delicious although just drinking pickle brine would be rank (also haven’t tried it since with english pickle brine). I assume that this thread was to discover other interesting alcoholic concoctions that are made from otherwise horrible ingredients? If i’m wrong and it was simply a way of giving respect to the G & T then fairplay, they are nice aren’t they? - i’ll take Mangetouts recipe and add a mozzarella, fig, prosciutto and honey salad as well.

CC with a waterback … terrible stuff.

gin and Mountain Dew.

It’s called an Insect Repellant.

When you’re desperate, you’ll drink anything.

From college, we had Vodka and Tang. Called it a Screwme Driver.

I seem to have killed off the braincells that remembered if it tasted good or not.

Bailey’s and lemon juice. I’m not going to tell you what happens, but try this: take a sip of Bailey’s. Hold it in your cheek, and take a teaspoon of lemon juice. Swoosh the two around in your mouth.

Vodka, orange juice, and milk of magnesia.

C’mon-you know that you want to see it

If you haven’t figured it out yet

A Phillips screwdriver

Mung and Skyth.

I call it the Whoosh.


We used to make Screwdrivers with 3 parts vodka for every one part orange juice. We renamed this drink to a Sledgehammer. I will be dating myself with this one, but we also would have Wappa Dew parties. To have a Wappa Dew party, get a brand new steel garbage can, set it on a table near the entrance to the party. Everyone that comes to the party must bring at least one bottle of booze (any kind will do). When they enter the door they must empty the bottle into the garbage can to add their donation. Then the Wappa Dew monitor scoops them out a cup for their drinking pleasure. The Wappa Dew monitor’s job was to make sure the Wappa Dew stays reasonably iced down and that no one throws any pills into the punch that aren’t stimulants or psychedelics.

[geezer] Back in the day, we called that a Hairy Buffalo…[/geezer]

jjimm: anybody that ever turned 21 knows THAT one!

We also had Evermelon. Take a 250ml bottle of everclear and a medium sized watermelon, take out a triangle shaped plug of watermelon on one end, poke some holes in the exposed meat and pour in the bottle. Replace the plug, seal with duct-tape. Referigerate for 2 or 3 days, rotating every 12 hours or so.

It’s a great party food, and woe to the poor schmuck that makes a faux pas at the party. They get to eat the plug. (Which by now has been leeched white, and the rind is about as soft as the meat.)

What’s Everclear?

      • Everclear is the name of the grain alcohol mixer sold in the US that is 190-proof (95% alcohol). It’s fun stuff, has a warning right on the label that it is poisonous taken unmixed. I don’t know of anything else like it, but I am not a drinker (is there?).

It might be sold elsewhere also, but I dunno.

I want there to be a drink called “Whore’s Milk”. What would that be made of?

Whore’s Milk?

Maybe Kalua and lemonade?