The Ugliest Web Sites

Let’s get a thread going about the ugliest web sites. By “ugly” I don’t mean ugly content; I mean, it looks ugly. Old fonts; busy screens; hideous graphics; etc.

I nominate:

ANY Geocities website!

I challenge anyone to top this website:

My sister and I call it “” It’s an extremely long page that crams many unrelated things onto one page. It’s supposed to be about canary breeding, but there’s a lot of other stuff shoved onto that page. It has many animated gifs as well.

There is at least one other separate page on that site, the “Banners and Awards” page at . It has many animated gifs, and, if your computer supports it (mine doesn’t, unfortunately), you can hear a very tinny-sounding MIDI file of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (the opening music from 2001: A Space Odyssey.) for the win.

FWIW, my dog is from here and he’s lovely, no health issues, etc despite the hideous website. It seems they actually spend all their time caring for their dogs and none working on their website. :slight_smile:

FlyLady’s website is such an amateurish, unusable mess that it makes me question her cleaning and organizing advice.

I smile whenever I see this website. I haven’t seen it since Bush2, but it still looks exactly the same.*/index

It’s like *Headings? We don’t need no stinkin’ headings! *

Note the clever interspersing of blue and red type, throughout. In the first paragraph, it’s so interspersed that I’m not sure what the base color is… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re unfamiliar with this site, check out the content. You may both marvel and be outraged. You will worry about the human race.

Okay, kids, wrap it up—I WON! :cool:

I call this the Long-Hallway-to-Hell school of web design, because it’s just:
Usually centered, usually posted up in raw chronological order, without regard to content or any intralinking to help organize said content.

The saving grace is that most of these sites don’t have much in the way of content.

I win.

Ahahaha, this for the win.

Geocities called, it wants its website back.

My theory on the Long Hallway websites is that they were built - no, built isn’t the word; more like accreted - by people who got as far as tables in HTML 3 or 4, then noticed that sometimes correct code fucks up for no obvious reason.

At this point, the professional track geeks understood it’s their problem, used their innate sense of spatial abstraction, and just kept banging, trying everything they could think of and a few things they couldn’t.

Those without spatial abstraction, or who were just too outcome-oriented said “fuck this” and made 1990s-looking pages where nothing would ever run into or over anything else, knock it off the screen, or stick to one side in bits like underdone layer cake.

I was actually one of the latter group. Dreamweaver 4 helped me to some degree, but later, as DW got more powerful, it began to expect more professionalism from its users. I’ve done one website on DW CS4 and don’t expect to do any more.

These two are pretty bad, but on purpose.

It’s hard for me to believe that a company with it’s focus and resources could have such crappy page when a product has been selected. Information of all types all over the place in various fonts and alignments, etc. with numerous items all competing for attention with bold or different color and underline etc. While there is a hint of an attempt at some sort of hierarchy and organization at the macro level, the overall effect is just 8,000 random bits of competing information, weird.

I think I could double their sales by redoing this bizarre shotgun-spray-of-information page.

It’s easy to nail sites with decade-old graphics but what about current ones?

I completely agree with Amazon.
Buzzfeed is especially bad. <>

So is Cracked. <>

Of course, they are known for tasteless content.

The second one is horrible as intended. Its content is pretty good though. Thanks!

Here’s an intentionally bad fashion website:

The whole idea is that things that seem tacky always eventually become fashionable. Thus avant-garde fashiony people are starting to be inspired by horrible 90s websites.

Oooh, i love (picking on) sites like this!

One suggestion (don’t look at if hungover, or if your eyes don’t appreciate super-bright things):

Didn’t Cracked have an article about this a bit ago?

And the UK entry is;

How about the Time Cube???

Geocities? What decade are you people living in?

All (non-Japanese) Geocities websites are equally lovely and have been for 3 years.

Oh wow, some of these are just amazing. Timecube!

I encountered this when getting ready to take my daughter to a soccer tournament. There is no excuse whatsoever.

ETA: Well, there may be an excuse I can’t discern. Is this hideousness the result of a technical error? Or was it designed to look that way?