the ultimate pizza mystery is finally solved

although its mainly about dominos id think the line of reasoning works for any other national chain

The link is to a very short item about why people in NY City, a town famous for good, cheap pizza, occasionally order Domino’s.

The answers given:
–Domino’s is seen as a different type of food than NY style pizza, and sometimes it’s what people want.
–sometimes Domino’s has better delivery service.

Well, we know for certain that they deliver to guys living in the sewers, so they’ve got that going for 'em.

A good friend of mine lives in Queens down the street from a Dominos. He orders it “ironically.” This is generally preceded by a discussion of whether it’s wrong to do so, or “so wrong it’s right.”

He’s otherwise lovely. I’ve just taken to ordering for him.

It sounds like the Mexican food vs Taco Bell distinction. Nobody (or at least nobody) who eats at Taco Bell thinks of it as real Mexican food, but as its own “Taco Bell food” category. Sometimes you want a real taco al pastor from the local taqueria. Sometimes you just want a chalupa (or whatever it is that Taco Bell serves these days.)

Thanks for the summary. Sometimes I’ll stop at McDonald’s for similar reasons, and avoid the tavern in town that has the best burgers around.

well the title was meant to be tongue in cheek (as the article was ) but if you look up almost any pizza thread on this board some one will ask "why would someone in nyc or Chicago eat that national chain shi- when they have 50 million wonderful local places "

I was going to say the exact same thing. I have lived in Southern California my whole life. I love authentic Mexican food. Maybe once every couple of years, I will get a craving for Taco Bell. It isn’t Mexican food in any meaningful respect.

…and that guy is usually me!

It doesn’t seem like a big mystery to me. They are two entirely different foods.

My mom made a recipe for macaroni and cheese that is still, at almost age 50, my favorite food ever. I also really like a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Two entirely different things, that happen to share a name and the same basic ingredients.

I noticed a similar phenom when stationed “over there”. Despite some of the best beer and wine on the planet, there was a certain number of barracks rats who would buy a case of Busch Lite at the PX or something like that. Made no sense to me. And the local beer was a lot cheaper. The dollar was pretty strong pre-Euro, could get a case of 20 beers (10 liters) for under 8 bucks.

I’d take Domino’s any day over that floppy greasy shingle called “New York-style Pizza.”