The Unflattering abbreviation Game

This is a simple game.

Pick an abbreviation of an organisation or company, and give it a derogatory full name.


IBM = International Big Mouth

NATO = No Action Talk Only

NASA = No Action Spend A lot

Your turn! :smiley:

You know that someone will eventually do this, so…

SDMB - Suddenly Demanding Mean Brevity

POTUS - person on the underaged schoolgirl

NSA - No Secrets Allowed

My Entire Team Sucks.

My father who worked in the IT field since the dawn of time (he used to program in COBOL and FORTRAN) taught me that IBM meant “Inmensa Bola de Mierda” (Huge ball of shit).

MSN - Mighty Sword! NOT!

When I worked there, people said it stood for “I’ve Been Moved.” Indeed, a common theme there was “You’re moving to Wisconsin. Tomorrow. Pack up your things.”

Intercourse Beats Masturbation
Idiots Built Me

Machine Always Crashes, If Not, Operating System Hangs


Fools Built It


Facts Optional, Xenophobes!

Back in the day, it was said that Fiat was an acronym for “Fix It Again, Tony!”

And the related FORD = Found on road dead.

Maladjusts Meet On Really Pathetic Game

Missed edit window - what I want to say was:

I’m enjoying this. :slight_smile:

Maladjusts Meet On Really Pathetic Gathering

EA Games - Exceptional At Generating Awfully Made, Excruciating Software.

Not exactly an organisation, but I can’t resist throwing in:
Nasty Uranium - Cancer, Lead, Environmental Atrocities, Radiation

I heard it, long ago, as “Fix Or Repair Daily.”

A friend of mine once insisted that IGA (Independent Grocer Assn.) actually stood for “Ignorant Goofy Assholes.”

In the Fifties, the acronym for British World International Airways was said by its disgruntled passengers to stand for “But Will It Arrive?”

When Washington Public Power System went bankrupt awhile years back, many noticed with glee that its acronym could be pronounced “Whoops!”

Then there’s…

NSA = No Such Agency
CIA = Covert Idiots Assn.
RNC = Religious Nazi Cunts
DNC = Demented Neutered Cumstains

ABC = Always Broadcasting Crap
NBC = Nitwit Broadcasting Corp.
CBS = Clearly Bullshit Shows
FOX = Fudging, Omitting, [E]Xcerpting
PBS = Preachy Biased Shit

And the Central American airline TACA is “Take a Chance Airlines”.

Slowest Damn Message Board

Sabena (Belgian airline): Such A Bad Experience, Never Again

BMW: Break My Window, Brings Me Women, Bought My Wife

IBM: I’ve Been Moved (apparently, they used to transfer personnel from city to city quite frequently)

SAAB: Still Ain’t A Beamer

I remember a comedian saying that the airline “Delta” actually stood for “Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport.”

Folks used to disparage the Colts with “Count On Losing This Sunday.”