The Unit - Nov 6th or 7th

Did anyone else watch this?

What the hell? Who saw that coming? Cause I didn’t.

I had read the previews, so I pretty much knew it was going to happen. The previews for the coming weeks’ episodes said that White was going to be recovering from his injuries, so seeing as how he wasn’t the one who was going to die, and Jonas, Bob and Mack were mentioned doing other things, I knew it would be Hector.
Kind of a cheesy way to go, though.

I felt like I was watching Serenity all over again. I hadn’t read any previews, so it came as a surprise. Story wise, I liked it, White survives hours of shock, going tackie(sp?) etc. and one bullet kills Hector, instantly. Random, senseless, keeping with the occupation.

Are we set up for a who killed him and why? I hope not. I really hope not.

I thought it was a cop out seeing in just the last episode he saw the Col. Ryan and Tiffany at the hotel together. Now they don’ t have to deal with the awkwardness of their interactions between white, Mac, Tiff, and Col. Ryan.

Think about it, Tiffy knows from the first season that sleeping with Ryan endangers the operators and that Ryan’s life would be in danger. Will she think that the one sniper round from nowhere unfortunately killed Hector, or that it an intentional kill initiated by Ryan? This could get ugly which is great TV, but it could also get Soapy and that would be bad.

Anyone catch last night episode (11-13-07)? The end for me was very emotional. I liked bob’s handling of the journalist. Mac’s stoic duty of standing by hector while the doctor performed his duty, White crawling out of the hosptial to see Hectors parents, Kim continuing to grow as a caracter and an Army wife helping with the service arraingments, and baring her soul to the chaplin. Ryan as a commander has a lot of weight on his shoulders and in that little wood box. Overall a very good episode and the memorial at the end was a well done Climax.

I wonder if the roll call was based on any ceremony that has been done.
Blaine had a nice scene with the knife.