The United States Olympic Women have class!

Congratulations to these Olympic gold medal teams:

US Women Basketball
US Women Soccer
US Women Softball

They have made the 2004 Olympics a memorable one. Each of these teams has shown true class and dignity.

There are many athletes in the United States who could truly learn something from these teams.

Of course, it is easy to be “classy” when you win. Michael Jordan was always said to be classy, and I never understood that to tell you the truth, because when his team won he took all the credit and when they lost he blamed others. To me, being classy means giving your opponent credit and honor when you are defeated. Classiness by the winner is nothing particularly difficult to achieve and so it is to be expected and not lauded.

I strongly believe that all 3 of the womens teams that I sited showed good sportsmanship and class throughout the entire Olympic tournament. Even the dominant US Softball team (which won several of their games by the mercy rule) did not mock their opponents, make rude comments about other Olympic sports, or degrade other countries.

I’m very interested as to which national team made rude comments and degraded other countries?Can you elaborate?

Are you saying that the US women’s softball team is to be congratulated for not mocking their opponents, for not making rude comments, and for not degrading their opponents? Aren’t they supposed to, by the ordinary standards of normal polite human conduct, refrain from mocking their opponents, refrain from making rude comments, and to not degrade their opponents? Are we suppose to be congratulate them for not being rude boors? While it is good that these young women are not rude boors, that’s nothing particularly special to be congratulated for, is it? If it is, then society is worse off than I thought.

I guess my point is that while I may congratulate the US women’s softball team for winning the Olympic gold medal, I see no need to further congratulate them for not being rude boors.