The urge to reanimate

…threads. Do you have it? I have it.

Not randomly, mind, but specifically old threads that I’ve participated in, where I’ve had a new thought since then pertaining to the subject. I don’t mean the discovery of new factual information, I know it would be OK to add that, but just a thought. A comment. Like the discussion has somehow been sitting around in the back of my mind for six months, grinding away very slowly (my brain hamsters are lazy bastards), and finally something pops out. But now it’s been six months, and the thread is dead as a dodo.

Obviously, I don’t post those thoughts. This board doesn’t need me creating zombies all over the place just to add another belated two cents. And I know damned well that the world will get on just fine without my nuggets of wisdom. But it’ annoying. It’s like an itch I can’t scratch.

I actually have this issue in real life, too. Six months go by, and suddenly I try to restart an old conversation with someone, out of the blue, that the other person has completely forgotten about, and most likely lost interest in. Usually that doesn’t work out too well. I did have one friend, though, that was kind of the same way. We would sometimes pick up the thread of some discussion or other a year after it ended, without skipping a beat.

That was pretty cool. Maybe I should call that guy.

Is it just me? Anyway. I’m just venting, I guess.

I’ll get back to you in four years. :wink:

Please, resurrect any good GQ or Café Society zombie. One reason I’m here is that I love a good discussion of any amalgam of science and culture.

So I’d love to re-read a decade-old debate on how you could build a bat-copter/submarine IRL, or how bad Highlander 2 was, or how cell phones would change old movies*.

My favorite part of a good zombie is when I read a pithy-yet-hilarious comment and think “Whoa, this is brilliant! Who said this?” And, it was '03 Me.

*“That note sending Brad to the haunted lighthouse to meet Jamie was really sent by Lucille, his murderous ex! C’mon, we have to climb in the VW bus with the bad brakes and race out the old cliff road in the ice storm!” “Or, we could just call him … ring,ring … Hey, Brad! Glad you picked up…”

What I do not like, is a thread reactivated by a new guest, that has already been asked and answered years ago, by someone who no longer posts here. Those can go away.

Also, Martian Bigfoot, your name contains my two biggest fears when I was nine, so Zombies can’t possibly be worse. I actually saw a UFO* when I was that age, and someone did a Bigfoot hoax in my general vicinity.

*One Friday night in the late 1970s I saw lights in the sky I did not recognize. On Monday there were reports all across the region of these same lights. It wasn’t little green men from Mars, but to my knowledge the source of the lights was never identified.