The use of this product...

Okay, I think it’s great that the warnings are included on the TV ads for drugs. But they can certainly be both alarming and amusing.

First one I noticed was Propecia, in which the stern whisper warns: “Pregnant women should not handle broken tablets…”
Sounds like pretty toxic stuff, doesn’t it?

There are others in which the list of side effects is so long that I forget what the desired effect is.

Last night I saw one for a “fat blocker” that was recommended only for the severely overweight. Among the side effects were “oily stool, diarrhea, sudden and uncontrollable bowel movements…”
I’m picturing these poor souls in public. What a nightmarish concept, and just in time for Halloween! Imagine the movie:
Night of the Morbidly Obese with Explosive Oily Diarrhea

Don’t do that, I’m at work and people already think I’m nuts.
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Why do most of the side effects always seem worse than what they cure?

I, too get a kick out of these ads. I saw the “oily uncontrollable stools” (or whatever it was) and had a good hard laugh. That Propecia (the pregnant women shouldn’t handle broken tablets) is my favorite. Even if I were a man, I wouldn’t put something in my body that members of the opposite sex can’t even TOUCH without alarming side effects.

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IRIC, the reason pregnant women aren’t supposed to even handle tablets is because it causes deformities to male fetuses.
(Following is the reason I will never, ever take that medicine even though i am going bald. Oh well thats another thread!)

Propecia causes male fetuses penises not to develop properly. Really improperly.


Yeah, and when these fetuses grow up they watch a lot of “Ally McBeal”

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

And how on earth did they figure this one out? Who were the unlucky guinea pigs for this experiment? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t think I even want to know.


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The one I loved was the recent commercial for Paxil in helping people deal with social anxiety disorder. It mentioned that side effects may include nauseau, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, and other things. And this differs from social anxiety because . . .?

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My brother was involved in one of the test studies for Propecia before it hit the market (BTW, the stuff actually does work). He was told, though, not to even consider having children while he was taking the drug. He got out of the test when he proposed to his girlfriend. He was off it for over a year before she got pregnant, and their son was born in February of this year, quite normal.

Good one, Alphagene. ROFL

IANAL, but I suspect that there’s a strong element of CYA in these recitations of side effects (in what is, after all, the video equivalent of “fine print”).
Readers of Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man may recall that the uncle of one of the characters ate a meal liberally flavored with Wow Sauce (among the ingredients of which are saltpeter and sulfur), took a charcoal digestive biscuit, lit his pipe, and was never seen again (in one piece, anyway). Were Wow Sauce to be advertised on TV, I’m sure that the voiceover would say something to the effect of, “May cause violent explosions and/or sudden disappearances in smokers”.
Perhaps Melin or someone of similar expertise could comment on the legal ramifications of saying or not saying such things.

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My favourite warnings come for the alergy medicine that is supposed to be non-drowsy. The first potential side-effect that they mention is possible drowsiness.

They all seem to cause the dreaded “dry mouth,” too.

My favorite was the ad for the genital herpes medication - “It’s about suppression.”

Gee, they never mention that if you take that shit your odds for GETTING a woman pregnant decline dramatically! Yep, you get hair but your penis goes south for the winter (and summer, spring and fall). Oh, gee, did we not mention that IMPOTENCE was a side effect?

So like, I have hair and I attract women but I can’t perform… hmmmmm. I’d rather have him bald! Hey, I like long hair (TennHippie is a babe in case you didn’t know!) But I’d rather have you bald as my ass then have your head full of hair and your penis broken.

But hey, that’s just my bag.


I’d have to agree. I was on Paxil for a while and one of the reasons that the doctor chose this particular med was because of its lack of side effects.