The Venture Bros. 6/30

We’re only in the first commercial break and I have to say:
Mrs. The Monarch, How YOU doin?

Totally lame day camp, which was the point.

Loved seeing the Order of the Triad doing Radon Safety.

Loved it when Dean finally went nutso and beat the fuck out of the loudmouthed punk. Had been hoping to see Brock do it first, but see below.

Sgt. Hatred just gets better and better.

Giving the parents of the dead kid a clone slug was brilliant.

Was that Myra in the car and does that make the bigmouthed kid Brock’s son?

“I like your new costume, mum”
“I like hugging you in your new costume, mum”

It may have been Myra, but I think it definitely was supposed to be Brock’s son. Brock had a pretty extreme reaction to the kid which was never really explained (to be fair, I wanted to kick his teeth in too). Also, Brock was the only adult the kid interacted with, IIRC.

I’m also going to lay a bet here that the Murderous Moppets are going to die by the end of the season. I couldn’t say why, other than their sudden prominence in the story and overall dickishness. It seems like they may be overstepping their bounds, even with Mrs. The Monarch’s orders.

That’s Doctor Mrs. The Monarch.

Awesome episode. Dean finally breaking down and kicking ass was reminiscent of A Christmas Story. The green snot streaming down his face really made that scene.

The big kid is definitely Brock’s son, but I don’t think the mother is Myra. Her profile, and her nose in particular was very different. Myra has button nose like Dean’s. The mother’s silhouette was strangely like Rusty’s, at least her nose was.

I’m glad to see the show pick up a bit this episode.

I’m gonna go put on my GI!

Best episode of the season!

The structure was reminiscent of “Tag Sale! You’re It!” I’m glad we got to see just about the whole cast together. The writing and pacing were just spot on. All of the characters were playing to their strengths. And did you notice that there was so much material that they didn’t have an opening credit sequence?

I don’t think it was Myra, but we know it wasn’t Molotov. Who, by the way, hasn’t made an appearance yet this season.

Oh yeah. The Moppets are going down.

“I was just doing a Moses on your shrubbery.”

Well, let’s not forget that we’re operating in the realm of superscience, so nearly any parentage might be possible. My first thought was actually that he might be Hank’s son.

“Well maybe when there’s a show called ‘The Venture Brothers’…”

It was funny to see the kid tie Brock up in a knot with his attitude. Brock seems to have trouble with situations that he can’t solve with murder.

It was also great to see the three flamethrower troops run out, cluster around one little bush and torch it.

“I can’t even be within a hundred feet of all these sexy little kids!”

And John has even worse daddy issues than Rusty. It was weird to see someone worse off than Dr. Venture.

Oh, Brock’s definitely the father – when he’s berating Rusty for treating Hank poorly, Rusty says something like “Just wait till you have kids.” And the silhouette neither looked nor (iirc) sounded like Myra. I have wonder why it was a silhouette, though, unless it’s someone we’ve already seen.

Pretty good episode, all in all. I didn’t realize that Rusty was still supposed to be popular. His show would have been on something like thirty years ago, right? Kids that age don’t normally seem to be much into nostalgia.

With Johnny’s tantrum, Rusty cloning a child, maybe (and I’m reaching here) White carrying off Billy, it seems like fatherhood was a theme here. I’m still hoping to see Rusty confront his father issues again at some point.

Nah. He annoyed Rusty on the tour ride.

Oh, that’s right. For some reason, part 2 on the Adult Swim website was glitched and wouldn’t play from when the kid raised his hand on the PeopleMover to when Rusty and Billy were confronting the gorilla, so I missed all of that.

I was going to argue this, then I thought about it.

That seems highly unlikely. I mean, the “Traditional” method is certainly out,m since even if Hank was never cloned and re-cloned he’d still only be 19/20, old enough to be a father, but not father of a 16-year old. As for some sort of “insemination” or half-clone using his DNA, it seems odd and random. How/why would someone do that?

I say it’s either Brock’s, which fits since he’s big and seems to have anger issues (and has had lots of sex with lots of women), or possibly Rusty’s, which fits less, but not outside the realm of possibility. Maybe Myra actually had triplets and kept one to herself? Or Doc just banged some random skank after/before Myra (he did imply in the episode “Past Tense” that the woman he lost his virginity to, at 24, was quite unattractive. Myra, on the other hand (at least when the Doc banged her) was hot, so it seems that Myra wasn’t his first partner)

Also, as per usual,. this week’s shirt. No surprise on what the design was this week.

Be awesome if it was Mrs. Manstrong.

Although I know it wasn’t

Loved it.

Definitely leaning towards Brock, but - hey, they haven’t done a time travel story yet! Never can tell…

Poor Billy Quiz Boy. After getting mauled by gorilla and losing his metal hand, Hank puts his real hand in warm water while he’s passed out.

At least he didn’t have to deal with…The Nozzle.

Don’t diss The Nozzle.

That was my first thought too!
But, yeah, it seems more likely he’s Brock’s.

My favorite line was a throwaway:

“Why is it so dirty?”
“My father died before he taught me to care.”

Anyone else catch the line that the jerk-kid said to Trianna?

“You’re lucky you look like a Suicide Girl-”

Clearly a reference to (not even remotely safe for work…unless you work for…) And I’m inclined to agree with him. Trianna (and her friend, Kim, who hasn’t gotten ANY screen-time yet in season 3, WTF?) are totally the types of girls who would pose for SG. Possibly together…
Damn it! I’m fantasizing about underage cartoon chicks again! What’s wrong with me? :confused:

You have a penis. Whether or not that’s wrong will depend on who you’re talking to.

I thought she was in the 2nd episode, when they were all playing roles to fool the visiting army guy. Wasn’t she in the dressing room / or bathroom or whatever?