The views expressed on this DVD...

Long time listener, first time writer, and I was prompted to do so by the warning at the beginning of DVD’s (and I guess videos and laserdiscs) that contain extras - particularly interviews and commentaries.

I was wondering if there were any particular incident that prompted the studios to state that the views expressed are those of the individuals and do not necessarily represent those of the studio or something to that effect.

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For example, if on the commentary, the director makes a crack about how the suits were being such assholes about being overbudget, or if someone makes a snide comment about the location where a scene was shot.

That kind of thing, probably.

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Yeh, that kind of stuff. I understand the need for the warning, I’m wondering if there was a particularly harsh incident (for example, an actor who expressed a view that he didn’t believe that the Holocaust happened) to kickstart the lawyers into writing this disclaimer.

That statement has been part of broadcast tv programs since forever. For all I know it started with radio.

It’s a guarantee that somebody somewhere said something, but if so it’s lost in the mists of history. It’s also a guarantee that this sort of thing is what they pay corporate lawyers for, so it really doesn’t matter whether any individual said something or not. :slight_smile:


so, on tv, when they don’t write or say this, it’s just taken as read that the opinions given in chat shows and so on are held by the individual? Or should I be reading the end credits more carefully?
I always thought that the statement was superfluous anyway. I hadn’t ever considered that a view expressed by an actor… that it should follow that everyone else involved in the production held that view. Sue Sony because someone called the make-up artist a jerk on the commentary? Because Sony had the choice NOT to allow this footage to appear on the disc?

In THIS day and age? Where the make-up artist in question could sue for getting her feelings crushed and thus losing her ability to function in her industry?



I am reminded of Chris Rock hosting the Oscars and making some crack about the technical awards, then when a few people “ooooh’d” he said “What, is some Foley artist gonna come kick my ass now?”

I know this is not exactly what you are looking for, but an incident like this is what the networks etc are trying to avoid.

–Of course the standard response. People will believe that the higher ups set the standard for content and don’t want to risk offending anyone.

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FWIW I don’t recall seeing this on a DVD until Fox started releasing Buffy season sets.

Worthless lawyer junk.