The violinist touring with Josh Groban is incredibly talented and sexy

Lucia Micarelli, half-Korean, half-Italian raven-haired barefoot violinist is currently touring with Josh Groban, whom I saw at the Meadowlands here in North Jersey tonight. She bows with incredible intensity, hair in her face, like the X-Men’s Storm in the midst of a hurricane. Hearing the opening notes of Led Zep’s Kashmir, I couldn’t help myself but gasp, “oh shit!!” and cheer. Two albums have been released; I mean to pick up the first as soon as I can. Wow just wow.

Groban was fantastic as well, though it took a few songs for the audience to get comfortable and for the show to get in the groove. He’s well worth seeing live–the seven seconds when he (jokingly) started to sing Justin Timberlake’s “Dick in a box” was worth the ticket alone.

Anyone who plays with Jethro Tull is alright in my book. Anyone who plays Kashmir with JT is sensational. Thanks for the pointer!

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I take it that’s from Ian Anderson’s orchestral tour last year, which I missed. Kashmir rocks on flute. I wonder who that was playing guitar. Anyone know?

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Yes, she’s impossibly lovely/talented/etc… I have her first CD and just ordered her second the other day. I’m not really a fan of Josh Groban anymore (I’ve gone a bit elitist), but Lucia’s wonderful.

Man… what is it with multi-ethnic female violinists?

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