The Voice [Season 2, Spring 2012]

I’m a newbie to this show. I’m very excited!

Oh wow! The girl singing Oh Darlin’!!!

Whoa, baby!

Juliette Sims.

I loved this show last year, and I’m very excited for this season. I liked the runners-up better than the winner last season, and I keep forgetting to check whether they have albums available.

They are already stepping up the talent from S1. I’m impressed so far.

I’m always amazed at how people hear things differently - I hated her voice. It just grated on me.

I loved the former Mouseketeer - I think he had great character in his voice. I also liked the opera singer, but I think he made a mistake going with Christina - she’ll just have him yodelling all season. I think he could have won the whole thing with Cee Lo - Cee Lo is fantastically creative.

Full recap of tonight’s first episode. Lots of pictures. spoilers

It took a lot of guts for Tony to come on the show. Christina Aguilera, and Britney had such massive careers after their mouseketeer days. Tony seems to have been left behind. I hope he does well this season. He seems very talented.

This was my first time watching the show, too. I liked it–a very different dynamic between the judges and singers than American Idol.

It’s also much more concise and varied. None of Idol’s weeks of auditions, then Hollywood week, then 20 weeks of two shows a week. Assuming it’s structured like last year, there’ll be basically three different formats for the competition over the course of the season, and done in 12 weeks.

Plus, if you have this on DVR, you can watch it really fast!
Zip through sob stories, hear song, zip to who hugs who, and then on to next song!
Saw the whole show in under 15 minutes, if not less!

I watched last year on Hulu and will probably do the same this year. I like that they don’t torture you with delusional bad singers, everyone has some talent. I always felt like showcasing the bad singers, like Idol does, is kind of cruel.

I also like that the judges seem to genuinely be having fun and even though the tease each other it seems like they actually do like and respect each other.

After watching the show last season, I have a new-found respect for the three guys, who seem like people I’d like to go for wings with; I think Christina is probably a raging bitch in real life, but she more-or-less keeps it under control on the show.

“The Voice” drinking game - take a shot every time the camera focuses on Christina’s over-stuffed bosoms!

A friend of mine tried out for BBC’s version of The Voice.

She didn’t make it past the blind audition unfortunately.

It was interesting watching it all being taped…

I swore those things were actually growing during that first episode. She’s not still nursing is she?

I liked this show last year, and this year it seems even better. A couple of great auditions last night. My favorite was the Mouseketeer.

Anyone else tuning in?

Her kid would be three or four; I guess she might be, but it doesn’t seem likely.

I am growing to truly hate Xtina, but love Adam. I just enjoyed Kim singing Tell Me Something Good. I also really liked the mousekateer last night, but that might be just the fact that he sang one of my favorite songs.

And finally, last night Cee Lo made me laugh the most and gave me today’s catch phrase " Baby, we’re all the same color with the lights off."
I may have added the “baby” but I know it’s what he would have said if he were speaking to me and caressing me with his soft sausage fingers .

And I can’t believe only one person picked the soldier or that she didn’t go with the Adele song!!

I’m less than halfway through the second show and so far I’m not wildly impressed with anyone except the Mousekteer and Former Tweaker Current Saint Guy (who I can’t believe didn’t get a better response), but I’m mostly here to confess my shame; this show has made me want to do profoundly filthy things to Adam Levine.
It’s okay if you’re judging me. I am too.


Christina has 4 picks, Blake, Adam, Cee Lo each have 3. There’s 12 slots for each team.

Picking the voices will take awhile at this rate. We’re a long way from done. When is the next Episode? Is it Next Monday?

My favorite tonight was Angie Johnson (the soldier) and the country girl from North Dakota, Gwen.

I won’t judge you if you won’t judge me. :slight_smile:

A little treat for you - Maroon 5’s first single, “This Love” (with shirtless baby Adam!).