The voices of Jim Morris

I’m not sure who has ever heard this guy, but I saw him on CNN the other day and I was damn impressed. He does some of the best Presidential and News anchor impressons I’ve ever heard. The impressions, unlike the typical SNL type guys aren’t giant caricatures of the men, but actually spot on mimicking, I’d challenge alot of people to tell them apart side to side. The thing I find most impressive is the fact that he does so many. On his website there are examples of Nixon, Clinton, Perot, both Bushes, Reagan, Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, Joe Lieberman, and Tom Browkaw. Each one is nearly perfect to my ears. I also heard examples of him doing Gore, Cheney, and Sam Donaldson, also each sounded perfect.

The impressions are unmatched IMHO, and his comedy is typically good considering he doesn’t usually go after the cheap jokes. He plays the guys pretty straight, and manages to make me laugh without Lewinski jokes.

Not sure if I have a point, I just wanted to share.

I listened to the Reagan, Clinton and Nixon clips. Very impressive.