The Voyage of the Mimi

Back in middle school (~ early 90’s), we students were subjected to a serial called The Voyage of the Mimi, which was about a bunch of people on a boat. The first “season” was something like a realistic Gilligan’s Island, with the crew stranded somewhere and trying to survive until they could get rescued, while the second was about them tracking down a ring of crooks selling fake antiques. We all thought it was the worst educational program ever, and groaned whenever the theme song came up.

Any other Dopers got subjected to this show?

I only vaguely remember it. I think I caught it on TV, PBS maybe. I didn’t see it in school, because I don’t remember seeing all or most of it. The one thing I do remember was that I was fascinated by the deaf girl. I thought sign language was cool. Other than her and a crochety old guy with a white beard I don’t remember a thing.

Ben Affleck started out as a child actor on this show.

My 8th grade class was subjected to all of season one. Here’s what I remember:

In the first episode or so, there was a five-gallon bucket full of peanut butter. I also remember the part where the old guy got hypothermia, and the crew members took turns hopping into a sleeping bag with him. That, and something about a beluga whale.

It was awful.

O yes. We watched it. I remember the contraption they built to turn sea water into drinking water. I also thought there was a whole section about whales. I think I remember learning about different patterns on the fins or something…

I watched it on PBS. Entirely of my own volition.

I was only about 8-10 at the time, though. I really liked whales.

And now I have the theme song in my head. Thanks.

I though it was great, as did my brothers. We watched it on PBS when we were in elementary school.

It’s not a bad show, it just wasn’t meant to be watched by 12-14 year olds. Also, being forced to watch something at school doesn’t tend to endear it to kids.

We watched it in the fifth grade. I remember of all the characters the deaf woman the most. I liked this series a lot, actually (but then I haven’t seen it since the fifth grade). I remember the part where they were stranded couldn’t eat anything because of the red tide.

Hey! The theme song kicked ass, in a cheesy way.

My class actually got to go to see the actual Mimi. I remember it being interesting at the time.

We had to watch it in 5th grade science class. I just remember the hypothermia incident, and some vague memory that the last episode we saw ended with a cliffhanger.