The VW promo/ad music on PBS's "The Blues"

Did anybody find the music to the VW ad at the beginning and end of the segments of the Scorsese series “The Blues” interesting? Any idea what they were saying (humming?) in that ad?

Sounded to me something like “that spoon” or “the spoon” but it could be (as it usually is) something altogether different from that.

I was able to get this far in trying to find out more about the tune in that ad, but no further.

Any ideas? Any help in that search?


Well, I do remember that the song actually appeared in one of the episodes of “The Blues,” so perhaps it is by one of the featured artists? (then again, maybe not?)

I’m pretty sure the song you’re talking about is Spoonful by Willie Dixon. Cream covered it on Fresh Cream and Wheels of Fire.

:smack: Sorry! Link is here.

Thanks for the help. The lyrics could easily fit. Since I’m not familiar with the song, I can’t verify the melody, but that has to be a reasonable answer.

Looks like there’s a companion album to the series out. In includes “Spoonful” performed by Howlin’ Wolf. I’m nearly positive that’s the version of the song you’re hearing. Check out the album here. And click here to hear a clip of the tune as performed by Cream back in '66.

Yes, Labdad, that’s it! Thanks for the links and the help with the ID.

No doubt here: The song is Howlin’ Wolf’s Spoonful. Willie Dixon played lead guitar on the the recording. This info from an Old Dude that still has his 45 rpm vinyl record.

As pointed out by **Labdad, **Eric Clapton’s group Cream covered Spoonful, but I prefer the original.

If you like the sound, also check out Howlin’ Wolf’s Smokestack Lightnin’ and Back Door Man.

The Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett) once stated in an interview that he had sold exclusive rights to his music for $4000 to each of two different recording companies. Then he bought a new car for $4000 and split for Chicago.
“I was the only black man ever to leave Arkansas with a new car and $4000 in his pocket”. :cool: