The Wachowski Sisters

Huh. I’ll admit I was not surprised when I heard about Larry becoming Lana. The rumors had been rampant as far back as 1999, when the Matrix was hitting big.

Andy becoming Lilly is a huge surprise to me. Who knew?

Good for her. The publicish statement was nicely phrased.

Still doesn’t make Jupiter Rising or Cloud Atlas any better.

Jupiter Rising was just a wreck. But I thought Cloud Atlas was good overall. I think it benefited from the fact it was based on a novel rather than being wholly created by the Wachowskis; it gave them a narrative arc to work on.

The thing I wonder is what are the odds that two non-twin brothers in the same family would both be transgender? Isn’t it a terribly rare thing, and really unlikely that both would be that way?

Something seems unusual about that.

I liked Jupiter Rising. I mean, it was a wreck, but at least it stood out from the mess of more or less interchangable big budget sci-fi/fantasy/superhero films I saw that year. And it had enough good stuff that I didn’t feel like I’d wasted two hours. Generally speaking, even the bad Wachowski sisters films usually are at least trying something interesting.

Anyhoo, no problem with the Wachowski’s being transgender, except that it took like five years for me to remember to write “Wachowski siblings” instead of “Wachowski brothers”. Gonna take a similar length of time to get used to “sisters”. It’s like writing the wrong year on your checks for most of January.

Good news! “Wachowski siblings” will still work!

They’ve been officially credited as simply The Wachowskis since Lana came out, and I doubt they’ll change that again now that Lilly’s out.

As to both of them being trans…

I suspect, if you took all the families with two children, the number where both are trans would be a higher proportion of those which have at least one trans child, than families with at least one trans child would be of the general ‘two children families’ population. All the potential influences would be similar (unless one was adopted), and the first sibling coming out would increase the chance of the second one being comfortable doing so. It certainly wouldn’t be in the majority, but…yeah, it certainly doesn’t seem unlikely.


My cousin has three children- two of them have just this last year come out as trans.

Also, I had a friend in high school who was gay- as were his two brothers.

Maybe gender is a lot more fluid than most care to think.

Cloud Atlas and Sense8 were cool. Jupiter Ascending was a total mess.

I also liked Cloud Atlas. And I think the Matrix was overrated.

We didn’t overrate it so much as we overestimated its agelessness. I thought it was the new Star Wars.

  1. It’s sequels suck way more than Empire and Jedi.

  2. It seems dated now in a way Star Wars does not.

Still, it’s very neat. It is their best movie.

You took the words out of my mouth. I will stick to “siblings”.

Typical sibling rivalry. One just did it to copy the other. Now the first one’s gonna go back cuz it’s not cool anymore.

It is highly unusual, but not unknown. I’ve personally met two (genetic) brothers, of whom one transitioned and the other did not, but both were transgender. Early on in transgender research, some researchers noted the fact that transgender siblings were very rare, pointed to there not being a genetic factor in being transgender. However, as transgender research continued, increasing numbers of cases were known. One early popular case was that of Lenette and Lauraine Lee (I recently spoke to Lauraine), and I have in my archives a case in the 1970’s where three brothers in one family all transitioned from male to female.

So yes it happens, but it’s still highly unusual.

It’s called Jupiter Ascending.

I approve of this message.

Actually, they have been calling themselves “The Wachowskis” whenever I see them being collective. That still works.
I LOVED Cloud Atlas. I liked Jupiter Ascending far more than most, for all its problems. I don’t think The Matrix was overrated, and I loved *Matrix Reloaded[p/i], except for the bring Zion parts. The sequence from their entering the Merovingian’s restaurant until the explosions of the colliding trucks is one of my favorite chunks of any movie – tense and intriguing at first, going to extreme action sequences following one after another. I didn’t care so much for Revolutions, but they HAD to end the series.

I liked Sens8 a lot, too. How many shows or movies try to be that diverse and multicultural?

I coulda done without Speed Racer, though. Or most of V for Vendetta.
On the other hand.

I loved V for Vendetta, which they are the writers of, but not the directors.

Do they have another movie on the way?