The Walking Dead; 2.12 "Better Angels" (open spoilers)

Only 2 more episodes left. Dale’s dead, Randall’s still alive, his gang is still out there, Daryl’s gun is still missing, and only Carl know where it is.

Has anyone but Carl even noticed the gun missing? Did Daryl ever go “Hey, where’s my gun?”

Isn’t the title “Better Angels?”

Mornin’ Sargent Angle!

Also yes.

If they’re going to let Carl keep the gun, shouldn’t they maybe clue Darrell in? He’s going to be (rightfully) pissed if he goes for his gun when a walker is approaching and it’s not there.

Daryl knows his gun is gone now; he said something to T-Dog when he gave Daryl Dale’s gun - “Sure wish I knew where mine was.” He’ll recognize it when Carl holds it, though, won’t he?

Oh, Shane. What are you doing now?

Thanks for (not!) leaving a spoiler space in the OP.

It’s possible that they did it off screen, but yeah, knowing this group and their prior behavior, it’s possible that they didn’t, and Darryl is in for a nasty surprise the next time he needs that gun.

Also, does anyone else hate how they show a trailer for the episode, right before the damn episode? That drives me nuts every time I have to dive for the remote so I can mute it. I’m about to watch it, why the hell are you spoiling it for me?!

Ooooh - I know what Shane did now. The walker that attacked Glen and Daryl was Randall, right? The walker had his neck broken and no bites on him, which Daryl noted.

They appear to be approaching an important fact about zombieness:

Major Spoiler

Everybody is infected and will turn at death.

Shane has got to go.

What the hell, Rick? I thought you were the one who knew what was going to happen to Shane!

Indeed! But Rick has just NOT taken precautions against that when he killed Shane, and he was obviously surprised that Shane came back as a zombie. So that can’t be what Dr. Jenner whispered to him in Season One.

Well, that was quick. Yeah, I thought that the secret from CDC would have covered Shane’s end.

I’m impressed that The Kid did it.

Yep, these are Romero class zombies after all. Everyone comes back (well, unless you died of brain trauma in the first place). This explains alot of how quickly society collapsed. Odd that Rick didn’t know. :dubious: What the hell did Jenner tell him?

Care to point out what spoilers I put in the OP. :rolleyes:

Sorry about the title. At least it’s a hell of alot closer than it was last week. :o

Dale and Shane are gone…everyone must be happy now. :slight_smile:

Oh, and five million zombies come over the horizon…these guys need flame throwers.

I thought we had decided that flaming, shambling zombies are A Bad Thing.

That was a zombie horde, wasn’t it?

I don’t think we need to spoiler everyone comes back as a zombie any longer, do we? And yes, I agree - that wasn’t what Dr. Jenner told Rick (or else Rick was having the biggest brain fart ever).

Someone needs to tie that frigging kid down. Well, I guess it won’t matter much longer if he keeps wandering around on his own - he’ll be zombie food soon enough.

Well that’s that. Long time coming.

I always figured Jenner whispered “Don’t trust your friend” after he saw Shane try to force himself on Lori on a security camera or something, but I don’t suppose that would be very interesting.

So the big revelation is that everyone comes back as a zombie, which was hinted at before in the discussions. But what difference does it really make? If you’re dead, it doesn’t matter if someone has to destroy your brain, it’s just one rather awkward and gory thing the living will have to do to those who die of non-zombie causes.

I think it would be pretty chilling to know that if you died of non-zombie causes you would come back to terrorize people you loved. Talk about demoralizing. They’ve only be dealing with this a few weeks and thought they were getting a handle on it. This would a terrible revelation about all their fates.