The Walking Dead; 3.12 "Clear" (open spoilers)

Only 5 more episodes left. Tyreese & co are in Woodbury, Andrea’s visited the prison, then went back to Woodbury and fucked the Governor without killing him, and the Governor’s organizing all the able-bodied residents into a militia to attack the prison again with.

I’m rather tired of Rick being a jerk to everyone else.

Holy shit!!! :eek:

Started watching late. Rick is back in his home town?

Carl, Carl, Carl - there are many, many ways Michonne could stop you. You wouldn’t like nearly 100% of them. That kid’s turning into a real prick.

Sorry, dude, you just can’t come along. You’re just too good of an actor for this show.

And is Morgan clearing out zombies or taking up Scientology?

This show has a history of guest actors whose characters greatly outshine those in the main cast. Mildly wonky accent aside, Lennie James did an excellent job with Morgan.

They’re starting to humanize and soften Michonne a bit, this does not bode well, how many episodes will she have left?

I’m actually starting to like her character now, she was always cool, but the scowly mute thing wore out it’s welcome quickly, she still has an edge to her, and won’t candy coat things, but she’s not as grating as before

Nice to see Morgan again, too bad he was completely broken by the horrors he’s seen, justifiably so, admittedly

How could the episode end any other way than them finding the guy they abandoned dead on the side of the road?

Great episode though and promising to note it was written by next year’s show runner.

Ah- Lennie James is English, didn’t know that, but it popped out a couple of times (as it sometimes does with Maggie), but agree, great performance.

You gotta give Morgan props for ingenuity; the caged animals surrounded by sharpened sticks is brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness.

I felt so bad for those poor, defenseless rats. :stuck_out_tongue:

They pass the hitchhiker walking down the road again, only this time he’s isn’t screaming for help. :wink:

And then they finally stop.

I liked that Carl and Michonne had a moment.

This is the first episode I’ve watched, of the second half of the season. Glad I didn’t miss it.

Who’s to say which way is right? Rick is out in the world, fighting, and his son ends up killing his mother. Morgan stays put, his son is killed by his mother and gets turned, so Morgan has to kill him.

Sepinwall says this episode was done by the new show runner. I hope he keeps writing stuff like this.

And Michonne made a friend!

NIce little diversion with some good moments. Still, how many times are they going to use the “I need to go off by myself” ruse? Really, anyone still alive at this point would never, ever, ever go off by himself. Morgan’s little enclave was kind of like the Swan Station in Lost.

And I thought they were far away from Rick’s home town. Did we know that they were so close?

I though he’d jack their car full of guns :wink:


Not just the horrors, but the overwhelming guilt - he let his wife shamble off into the sunset because he was too weak to do what he knew needed to be done, and then his undead wife killed his son.

I was kind of thinking, as Rick and Morgan were talking, that they could visit Crazy Land together. :slight_smile:

Morgan could’ve prevented his son’s death by destroying his undead wife; there’s nothing Rick could’ve done to save Lori. It’s doubtful Hershal or Carol could either. She was doomed when she choose not to abort. The only thing Rick could’ve done is spare Carl from having to destroy his mother, and who knows what kind of effect destroying Lori would’ve had on Rick’s mind.

Sorta. We know that the Greene farm isn’t that far from either Atlanta or the prison, and that they spent 8 months going in circles. They’ve never even left the state of Georgia. I really wanna know what’s going on in the rest of the world. Is everywhere as bad the Southeast? What happened to places like Iceland, Hawai’i, or New Zealand? What happened to the Navy? Is anybody still doing broadcasts on shortwave or Ham radio?

I also am sick to death of Rick the asshole. How many times does it have to be highlighted that you NEED MORE PEOPLE to fight a frigging (all be it pathetic) army? Geesh. I almost wish that Michone would fillet him just so anyone else could take the realm. And Andrea has taken the place of Lori for me. She needs to be zombie chow.

OK episode. We find the fate of Morgan & son. Morgan’s knife magically turned from a hunting knife to a paring knife when he stabbed Rick - an unusual, if oddly useful superpower of Rick’s. A deeply-invasive puncture wound after the zombie apocalypse? 'Tis but a scratch!

What kind of guns did they get? Looked like a bunch of AR-15 variants. I saw some arrows or bolts, along with a bow or crossbow. Probably some handguns as well.

Michonne speaks! Damn, hope they didn’t blow the budget now that she’s no longer an extra. That was the one solid, hopeful thing about this episode. This “no talking” bullshit needs to end.

Just to take his supplies. A really great scene.