The Walking Dead; 6.10 "The Next World" (open spoilers)

Let’s hope the writers can keep the same quality from last week’s episode up for awhile. Danai Gurira, Austin Nichols, and Nathan Fillion are on Talking Dead.

Oh. My. :smiley:

I know it’s going to sound silly given the source material, but i strongly dislike comic booky characters in realistic shows.

“Hey, let’s leave this working car behind for no reason, and pin all our hopes on this truck that’s been sitting in a barn for who knows how long, because everything is sure to keep coming up Milhouse for us for the rest of the day.”

How do you get soft drinks from a candy & chips machine?

“This episode brought to you by Orange Crush”

When we first met the guy, he tricked us, stole our truck and left us alone far away from home. Then after we caught him, he kicked the shit out of us. When we got the upper hand, he followed us after we let our guard down. We finally knocked him out.

What should we do? Let’s talk him back around our family and friends.

The stupidity of the characters is stunning. If they were stupid as a general rule, I could understand, but I cannot suspend disbelief when guys like Rick and Daryl do something so totally out of character.

There are such things as combo machines. Granted, they are generally not found outside of convenience stores.

Yeah, there was no real reason to leave the car except to drive the plot forward, but I enjoyed it anyway. ‘Jesus’ was a hoot.

Slight quibble, UltraVires…this is IN character for the show. They’re being internally consistent. It just goes against “conventional wisdom.”

You did skip the part where he saved one of their lives and never actually tried to hurt them at any point other than in self defense.

That part totally threw me. How about ‘you take the truck, I’ll take the car and let’s run the truck back to Alexandria.’ I can’t think of a single good reason to leave the car and only take the truck, regardless of if they want to run back home or finish out their mission.

You mean when he said ‘duck’. He might have also been doing that to save his own life as well…or even just to gain Daryl’s confidence for just long enough to get the upper hand, just like he did the first few times he pulled one over on them.
Anyways, for me, this was pretty much a ‘meh’ episode. It was an hour long episode that netted us a new relationship and a new character, that was it. And they traded in their Chrysler 300 for a Jeep.

WRT Jesus, I was trying to look him up (because he looks a lot like Jered Leto) and manage to give myself a couple of spoilers. At least they’re spoilers from the books, we’ll see how they play out.

What was going on between Carl and the girl in the woods? She seemed pissed at him about something but it wasn’t clear to me what.

They encountered ZDiane, She wanted to kill it - Carl wouldn’t let her, since he wanted to let the other guy do it since it was ‘family’ for him. He then led ZDiane to Michone and whathisname.

Ugh. Rick and Michonne really?

Yeah bringing that guy back is gonna turn out great! :rolleyes:

How did new dude get on the roof of the truck?

Another thing that bothered me…

How was Dianna left intact enough to be roaming the forest? She should have been pretty well dispersed among half a dozen Walker guts.

Ok, that was weird. Was the whole Rick/Daryl thing supposed to be comic relief? And, not to brag or anything, but I saw all the “twists” coming. It was obvious Jesus was gong to be on the truck (gee, they never actually showed him after they drove off); it was obvious that the walker was going to be Janeway; it was obvious that Rick and Michonne were going to hook up (even the opening scene I thought might be long in the future after they had hooked ou); it was obvious that Jesus was going to escape again (for the 15th time).

Yeah, he was a hoot and a half! Very enjoyable episode!

That bugged me, as well. There shouldn’t have been much left of her.

I really liked this episode. I have been saying for several seasons now the show needed to change from a show showing the end of a world to one showing the building of a new world and it looks like Rick is now on board with that. I was tired of mopey crazy Rick. I like happy rick.

I was okay with Jesus being a super hero. Daryl and Michonne are basically super heroes too and you can make the argument that the violence of the world would lead to people who are really good at stuff get left alive.

Also liked Michonne’s “You had a day!” line.