The Walking Dead; 4.11 "Claims" (open spoilers)

Mindy Kaling and Michael Cudlitz are on Talking Dead.

YAAY, crowbar action, Gordon Freeman would be proud!

And it looks like were back to melon-headed zombies, and the idiots still laboring under the delusion that an M4 with collapsible stock can be used for buttstroking…

I’d just like to point out that there’s no reason to believe that Michonne caught up with Carl and Rick.

There is nothing in this episode to suggest that she did.

She might’ve just been hallucinating them.

Hmm, let’s hope Rick has another firearm available for his own protection for when the zombies inevitably catch him by surprise

It’s also pretty stupid for him to hand over his expensive and rare Colt Python to someone who can’t hit targets reliably with a Beretta 92 that has higher capacity and lower recoil than that Python

Colt Python; 6 rounds of .357 Magnum
Beretta 92; 15-17 rounds depending on magazine capacity…

Meh, another padding episode

Pretty much. It didn’t advance the story by more than an inch. Michonne bonding with Carl again was kinda cool, but Jeebus, they were supposed to come back to the house HOURS ago, how long was Rick trapped under the bed while two different people slept? Who are those guys, anyway?
The “smart” guy with the mullet (and THE SOLUTION) in Glenn’s group hasn’t survived long enough to know how to shoot zombies correctly?

I don’t know. Pretty disappointed in this one. It just kinda mucked along.

I liked this one. The entire sequence with rick was tense and well done and I liked how they made it clear these were bad dudes to get caught by using only what Rick could see and hear.

I am curious if these guys were a part of the same group the guys in the bar were from from a few seasons ago. They never revisited that and those guys were clearly in the area.

ETA: I don’t understand how you can say this was just padding. It introduced new characters, a new goal, a new potential enemy and sent Rick and the others toward Terminus.

You’d have to be a complete idiot to believe that Eugene character knows a damn thing.

Well, he’s sporting a mullet - he’s clearly smarter than the lot of them.

Glenn and Maggie keep saying they have to find their “wife” and “husband”. When did they get married? I just remember that they got engaged.

IIRC, Glen asked Herschel for his blessing. He gave it, Glen put a ring on Maggie’s finger, and they just kinda started calling each other “husband” and “wife.” No real ceremony. For obvious reasons.

That was my thought, too - “You’re potentially the most important guy on the planet - let’s get you a little firearm training.”

But for the love of God, nobody from the prison let anyone else know where they went so they can meet up again. :rolleyes:

different signage - group A was under a tressle - Rick and company were at a box car.

but yeah - both groups should have added ‘something’ to the signage for others - can you imagine when they get there? "Yeah - we’re the folks from prison!

My favorite episode for a long time. I LOVE the ‘scientist-guy’. I thought he was going to get himself killed while the others fought, and I laughed the whole time. The one guy who can save the world gets needlessly killed minutes after we meet him. There’s gotta be some trope for that. Then I saw he wasn’t going to die, but instead killed the huge, tank-like truck, and I laughed some more. His explanation of how he did it, “A fully-amped up state and an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons.”, brought more laughs. That’s when I thought I’d really enjoy this show more if it were a comedy.

Don’t know what ‘scientist-guy’ has going on for motives, but I’m not even gonna care if no one questions him or demands he tell them what he knows, because they’re all dumb as a box of hammers. I’m just gonna watch as the stupid unravels. Maybe the virus, or whatever, that they all carry that turns them into walkers makes them dumber. I’m pretty sure someone here has posited that, and I’m gonna run with it.

:smack: I didn’t think of it that way. Engagement is so pre-apocalypse. :slight_smile:

I thought it was a fairly good episode, even though some parts like Glen getting ready to punch Abraham and all those times Rick almost got caught were extremely obvious.

I thought it was funny that after shooting the machine gun doing nothing but killing the truck, he tells Abraham he’s smarter, and Abraham goes along with it. :dubious:

Also, something occurred to me at the end of the episodes. In a world where razors and scissors are scarce, you’d expect to see more men with at least 5 o’clock shadows and men and women with long hair. Not mention dirty and worn out clothes.

I was about ti give up on this show, but this episode was–for the most part–actually very well done. Yeah, not much happened plot wise, but that’s the case for nearly every episode. What we did have was some actual tension, which the show’s been lacking for quite some time.

I loved the entire house sequence and wish the rest of the show were more like that.

Michonne with the spray cheese made me LOL.

Nice to see Rick upgraded his weapon at a bad guy’s expense.

I thought that was a nice house Michonne and Carl were tossing, all I could think for a minute was “is that limon green a Martha Stewart paint color?”.

I really like that Michonne and Carl are bonding, sort of. I don’t know that I buy his burning interest in her former life - all those questions! Would a kid his age be that curious? (maybe that’s a good sign, he hasn’t totally shut down emotions).

I was looking down at my phone for a minute and when I heard the noise she was making I thought it was a Zombie! :slight_smile: