The Walking Dead; 5.16 "Conquer" (open spoilers)

Season finale tonight; 90 minutes. Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and a surprise cast member on Talking Dead. I’m guessing the surprise cast member dies tonight. Then that’s until Fear the Walking Dead premières this summer.

Very eager to see this. I really like the whole Alexandria thing. Isn’t [S]Carol supposed to be on Talking Dead?

What is Fear The Walking Dead?

I really, really hope that Sling doesn’t crap out again like it did last week. :mad:

Fear the Walking Dead is a spinoff that is set in the Los Angeles area, taking place around the time of the zombie outbreak.

There’s a thread about it around here somewhere.

Ah, here you go…

Very excited for tonight’s episode!!

I’m getting tired of absolute crazies who want to kill for the sake of killing, forget gaining anything or the risks involved they just wanna kill dammit!

[S]Carol is quite the tactician now, playing the angles even inside our Mötley Crew…

Nice to see Morgan again, and see him put a pounding on the “Wolves”

It’s obvious that Alexandria will come under attack from the Wolves and will need the assistance of The Rictatorship

My spider sense is predicting that…

Maggie or Glenn may die tonight

Please oh please let fuckwit Gabriel end up as Purina Walker Chow tonight…

What could possibly be the point of creating that elaborate and labor intensive and dangerous to set trap with the trucks? To kill a few scavengers? Why tie up zombie torsos inside the trucks?!

No, no, fucking NO! This had better be a fake out!

If not, time to evacuate our crew and nuke Alexandria, or at least burn it to the ground, let the Wolves take them…

Nah, this might be the episode that finally makes me stop watching. And the only one I watched live(god the commercials!).

My god they are making Gabriel even more despicable, he is now Miguel from Day Of The Dead!

Excellent fakeout with Glenn there…

Fuckwit Gabriel better end up as Walker Chow now, the sooner the better

Plenty of Stealth Walkers in Alexandria thanks to the open gate, FWG’s fault as usual, please, he needs to be Walker chow


What did the note in the car say?

Something like " Don’t stay, trap, bad people coming"

Have they determined yet if the outbreak was a Living Dead scenario (Initial zombies are dead people who eventually overrun the Earth) Or one where the vast majority of humanity died all at once and then came back as zombies?

Why would all the trailers be rigged to open at once if it wasn’t a trap, but instead just a load of weaponized zombies?

Why the chained up torsos?

Is this whole show just some kind of grand statement against self defense? That no matter how many times someone intentionally tries to rape or murder you if you defend yourself you’ve become savage or something?:smack:

Nope, no major cast deaths, and Gabriel is still alive (though it looks like the Alexandrians are going to start seeing for what he is next season). Still sucks that they lost their only doctor, and without a scene with Jessie calling Deana & co about not doing anything re him beating her.

Gabriel needs to get “W”-ed.

Do we know that they lost their doctor? Deanna said “do it”, but they don’t show whether he shot Dr Beater or did he do a headshot on Mr Deanna?? Someone needed to stop him from turning.

Gabriel at this point is nothing but a liability, he intentionally tried to get everyone killed by leaving the gate open and letting zombies in. There is no way they can risk him unsupervised access to anything anymore, I suppose they could chain him to a wall. Exiling him he could just return and try to sabotage the gate again, or lead another group back there.

I’m guessing the moral dilemma next season will be what to do with dead weight Gabe.