The Walking Dead; 7.02 "The Well" (open spoilers)

So at least some of the gang find yet another community that seems too good to be true. A lot of those seem to have sprung up in the zombie apocalypse. :wink: Khary Patyon, Chloe Bennet, and Dana Gould are on Talking Dead.

So, the gang gets to go there, take “half their shit” and give it to Negan? :slight_smile:

Loved Melissa McBride in this episode. The look on Carol’s face when the mask came down when meeting Ezekiel, followed by the sudden and guarded sense of fear on her face when she realized that Ezekiel had her number were amazing. Particularly her body language in the later scene. Watch how she keeps moving to keep the courier bag between herself and Ezekiel until she finally gives up and sits down on the bench.

So, are they trying to poison The Saviors by giving them tainted meat? Does it work that way?

Anyway, gotta love an episode centered around Carol. Of course The Kingdom was eerily reminiscent of Woodbury.

So Alexandra + Hilltop + Kingdom + ? Vs Saviors!!!

I liked this episode, especially compared to last week’s horrid one. I enjoyed the World Building and Ezekiel got more character development in one episode than T Dog (remember him?) got in three years.

I want to play zombie polo like the people on horseback. That looks satisfying.

Ditto. The look of utter disbelief on her face when she first met King Ezekiel had me laughing out loud.

Bonus points for a tiger in the ZA, CGI or not.

That was the impression I had. Didn’t we learn that eating zombie tainted flesh gives you a case of the zombies with that dude who lost his leg (and the leg was eaten) a few seasons back?

I thought it did not infect through being eaten. I thought they were just insulting the saviors.

But they didn’t get zombified. Besides, with all the zombi crap that splatters over people when their killing them, some would be bound to be ingested. I’m guessing it’s either 1) ignorance on the part of the Ezekiel or 2) meant as a feel-good measure.

I vote for number 2.

It’s still rotten meat, it should at least give them some stomach problems. I saw it as petty revenge more than pointless gesture, not actually dangerous but not meaningless either.

I don’t think they were trying to poison them. I think it was just an FU to them to make the offering as inconvenient as possible because they resent doing it.

I do not know if pigs have the cast iron stomach they are rumored to.

It poses a risk if they get caught.

And yet another reason besides trichinosis to not to eat undercooked pork.

Agreed, but it’s not like consistency in how this world works is a hallmark of the show.

You’d think at the very least the pigs would get sick & die.

I think I agreed w/ Carol 100% about the Kingdom.

The pigs had gone feral, and had been living off of animated and inanimate corpses.

wasn’t there something @ the prison to do with the pigs that caused the sickness there?

Not sure how KE would know that detail - but would be an interesting call back if so.

Heck, have they considered actually poisoning the saviors? Something relatively slow-acting, ideally that’ll kill you in your sleep… maybe lightly dusting the pigs with arsenic or cesium.