The weather here in the DMV orally pleasures various reproductive organs.

Nothing more than rain, rain, and more rain. I was going to go out and exercise; I had to go to the gym, instead.

It’s gonna rain all week, too.


The Department of Motor Vehicles has its own weather? I had no idea.

Mostly cloudy, with bureaucratic indifference likely.

I do believe that the Mumber was trying to indicate DC/Maryland/Virginia, but for all I know there is a storm cloud over his Car that is rusting it out…

Well, look at it this way, the region did not get its classic two-month steambath this year, instead all the moisture is showing up as actual liquid.

Join the club dude, join the club. My area is under a flood warning, there are schools being delayed, and closed for tomorrow, etc.

“I’ll live where she’s living!”

DC, Maryland, Virginia? When I lived near DC, it was called “The Tri-State Area”. Anyway, here is a fun entry on the Wiki for tri-state areas in the US.

When that I was to DC come
With a hey, ho, the wind and the rain
The weather did turn very glum
But the rain it raineth every day.

Yeah, we always called the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky metro area the tri-state area. Which is funny because it included Indiana and southeast Indiana is basically a wasteland. Does anyone even LIVE there?

Please stop this! We do not live in the DMV! It is a horrible nickname! Would you want to vacation in the DMV? “Gee honey, on our first day we can sit on hard metal benches and watch as the number slowly and painfully ticks up, and on the second day we can have Doritoes and Diet Coke from the vending machine outdoors whole we’re harangued by a Lyndon Larouche acolyte, and on day three we can enjoy the tears of teenagers who’ve failed their driving tests”. NO!

DMV? Really?
Hope that’s an acronym that doesn’t catch on.

“You live in the CIA? I live near you, in the FBI. (Fredricksburg/Bailey/Isabelle Heights neighborhood). My mom lives in the CostCo (Costanza/Columbia county area).”

In the old days there used to be farm reports from the DelMarVa peninsula. It seemed a euphonious expression with a definite meaning.

It’s always been DMV to me. Or NCR when I was in the AF.

Besides, you going to melt?

It’s something people in Virginia say, no one in DC says it and I don’t think I’ve heard anyone from Maryland say it.


This made my day.

The DC101 radio station has a bad habit of referring to the area as the DMV. Drives me up the wall since every place I lived up to my mid-40s, the DMV was where you took care of your tags, title, and driver’s license renewals.

According to Wikipedia, 19 states + DC have either a Department or Division of Motor Vehicles that does all that. One of those 19 states is Virginia, so two of the three jurisdictions in the so-called ‘DMV’ use ‘DMV’ to mean the place where you deal with keeping your car and yourself street legal. (Maryland has the MVA, Motor Vehicle Administration.)

Gotta admit I’ve never heard that one. And I grew up in the DC area, and have lived most of my adult life there as well.

It’s generally referred to as ‘the DC area’ or sometimes the ‘greater DC area.’ Basically meaning DC and the built-up area surrounding it.

My yard has pretty good drainage, but despite that, the ground in my yard has the consistency of a sponge that can’t absorb another drop of water. In 20 years of living in this house, I’ve never seen the ground like this, to the best of my memory. I don’t think it was even like this after Isabel in 2003.

And we’re on tap to get a bunch more rain even before whatever contribution Florence makes to our weather.