The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Ahhhhhh, got me Tupug. My motto - sometimes you gotta have a gimmick…

My most memorable(?) dog show moment was the Irish Setter National Specialty, 1988, in San Francisco, California. I had purchased a lovely crepe, floor length skirt for the occassion. Being very vertically challenged, it never occurred to me that that skirt would present a problem, being a combination of a bit too long, with an elastic waistband. After setting my Irish girl up for the judge, I stood up without realizing I was standing on the skirt, and promptly disrobed myself in the ring. Oh God.

One other time was handling my Irish Setter boy in Kansas to esteemed judge Michelle Billings, who is a stickler for a well behaved dog in the ring. There was a concrete retaining wall, about 4’ high, next to the ring with bleachers above for the spectators. There was never such a thing as a small entry in Irish Setters and I was handling Nixon in a rather large Open Dog class, somewhere in the middle, when he decided he wanted to visit with the spectators, and in full gait on an “around”, he crossed in front of me, ripped the lead out of my hand, leaped the wall, and went up into the stands to greet people in a way only a big, dorky Irish Setter can do. As I stood dogless in the middle of the ring, with handlers passing me up snickering at me, I prayed for the bright white beam to take me away to the mothership and get me the hell out of there.

Then there was Scarlet, the “bitch from hell”. At a large televised show in Kansas one year (thank goodness we didn’t make it to the screen), we were showing to a judge who had a white carnation in his lapel. Scarlet must have had the damn flower scoped out, and coming back from an “out and back”, she suddenly lunged forward, ripped that flower out his lapel, and “killed” it right in front of him. I wanted to die.

But, there was the really sweet time that Nixon jumped up on Dorothy McDonald, who was ill at the time and looking very frail, and gave her a huge bear hug and a kiss in front of many spectators. She gave him Winners Dog. LOL!

Wow. Amber is gor-gee-ous!!

I’ll be rootin’ for the GSPs and the Dalmatians. (Spot the Wonderpup is a mix of those two breeds.) I wish I could have seen that GSP poop in the ring!

Scarlett67 , that’s it, the Komondor. Thanks for the website pictures. It must be hard to keep those suckers neatly groomed!

Not to be rude, but as a person who shows dogs in conformation, I see a few of you have made an error in your abbriviations; for Best In Show, it is BIS. It’s NOT BOS :slight_smile:
One of my dogs is going to be at Westminster this year, I hope he makes it to the group so I can see him on TV. Look for an Old English Sheepdog named Ch. Whisperwood’s Wizard of Oz (Ozzie)

Thanks for the headsup!

I, too, love watching this show. (So does my overweight, chronically shedding yellow lab.)

I wish some lesser known breed would win. Poodles…bah…bunch of pantywaists. Scotties…cute…but…really…

I’d like a basenji to win. I want to see the dog’s popularity explode. I had one as a kid and no one beleived me that the dog could yodel. (They also hate cold weather quite vigorously which all goes back to their Egyptian breeding.)

If that couldn’t win, I’d like to see something like the dachund win or a Great Dane.

Bad News Baboon, while you have proven yourself a wonderful human being in the past, I am afraid I must respectfully disagree with you on this one…

Don’t you hate that sensation when you want to say something that you suspect has already been said? Well, my feelings on the matter have already been said by Daniel Pinkwater, and better than I ever could have. Enjoy.


Heh. I must agree. Boston terriers fall into a category I like to call “shovel dogs”, i.e. dogs who look like they’ve been hit in the face with a shovel. This also includes pekes, pugs, and bulldogs. Ugly things.

OTOH, my family has a wonderful set of antique set of cast-iron Boston terrier doorstops. So obviously they’re good for something. :wink:

OESGal, I hope I get to see Ozzie. I’ve recently fallen in loff with the OES, but living in an apartment precludes me from owning one. Ambers Mom, I also loff Irish Settters (had one named Scarlett and she was the BEST) so my loyalties are divided. Can I root for both?

We are not amused. :mad:

We aren’t very bright either. That was supposed to be:

Speaking of this strange-looking breed, for the longest time I had no idea what the heck was on the cover of Beck’s Odelay album. Then I saw one on the Westminster show. I call it the dreadlock dog. :slight_smile:

I’m all over this, a35362. Thanks for the heads-up! Love it! So entertaining.

I always root for Cardigan Welsh corgis (since I have one); they never win either.

It could be worse. I could have explained the derivation of the term “punt dog”. :eek:

I can’t help it – I really dislike what Eddie Izzard calls “small yappy-type dogs”. Give me a hound any day.

jr8 and jackelope, you are mean. :frowning:

Bostons are so sweet, as are pugs. I feel sorry for Mr. Pinkwater. I think his story says more about him and his family than it does about poor Bootsie.

Dogs are the embodiment of love.

To be fair, my brother-in-law has two pugs, which are apparently sweet little dogs. Drooly, bug-eyed, snuffly things, but very sweet nonetheless.

jackelope, you beat me to it - I love that movie. I love watchin’ dawg shows, too (but not as much as agility).

I have a Norwegian Elkhound, but I can’t find the pic I scanned and uploaded. :frowning:

I don’t know what’s funnier: the Afghan, the Komondor, or that there are two dogs bred to look like ambulatory mops.

3 actually- look up the breed Puli.

That’s it, ** Jackeloope**…
gimme my shirts back!

The dog that man describes sounds nothing like mine.
Except for the snoring part.
I defy ANY of you to meet Dongle or Georgie and not fall in love.
It is simply not posible.

Seriously though, why do the same breeds win over and over again? Why bother competing. The poodles always place.


You wanta see dreads? Check out the corded poodle here Click on the left and then you have to scroll down and click on the one that says Photo 2 France.

The Kerry Blue Terrier won Best In Show!