The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The dog show is coming! The dog show is coming!

I don’t own any dogs, in fact I’m not even crazy about dogs in real life, but I love watching the dog show. It’s the Olympics, the Oscars, the Miss America pageant of the dog show world. It will air live Monday and Tuesday nights on the USA network and be re-aired the following mornings. The very best of the best of every recognized breed: the Westie, the German sheperd, the Pomeranian, the Akita, the Papillon, the greyhound, the Bichon Frise, the Newfoundland, the Chihuahua, the Siberian husky, the standard poodle, the toy collie, the border terrier. Handsome dogs, goofy dogs, elegant dogs, powerful dogs, foofy dogs, lovable dogs. See the snooty owners and breeders! The totally focused handlers! The judges, with the power of God in their decisions! Drama! Excitement! Pathos! Best of breed! Best of group! Best of show! Man, I can’t help myself. I get sucked in every year. I love it, I love it.

Easy prediction: nobody from the hound group winds BOS. Again.

I have a Chocolate Lab, so I root for that group. I watched the Invitational a couple of weeks ago (the National Championship of Dog Shows is how it was advertized). There was a Weimeraner (sp?) that should have won BOS. Those dogs are beautiful

I always root for the Boston Terriers to win.
They never do, but I cheer all the same.

Except on American shows, where it is mandatory to crop their ears.


Yeah, I hate the cropping of tails/ears, too.

The dogs don’t look all that happy to be ther. I know they’re not in pain, but I always wince a little when I watch them trotted out, choke collars high and taut against their jawbones to keep their heads held high.

I prefer the dog agility contests. Now those are some pooches that look like they’re having a blast!

Every time I watch a dog show, I end up falling in love with the beagles–especially the 13 inch ones. They have the cutest damn faces–I never knew I liked beagles until I started watching dog shows! I mean, Snoopy and the Beagle Boys did not prepare me for those sweet little faces, and that waggy tail, and the bright eyes. Pardon me while I gush.

Still, should I decide to get a dog, I’d likely go for a Lhapso Apso (yeah, made of mess of that spelling). They really are one of the world’s great breeds, so loving, and keeping them in a puppy cut let’s everyone see their sweet little faces and bright, sparkling eyes and . . .[gush][/gush]

The thing is, everyone agrees, I’m really a cat person. Dog shows just do me in.

I’m the same way. What is it about televised dog shows? They ought to have all the entertainment value of a Wide World of Sports bowling tournament, but it’s so hard to stop watching. And I’m allergic to dogs! I’m afraid of any dog larger than a cocker spaniel! What gives?

[sub][sup]Go terriers![/sub][/sup]

Time to watch Best in Show again!

I don’t mean to belittle the dog show in any way; I just thought that movie was hilarious. And if the AKC would recognize Carolina Dogs, I’d probably watch and root for them, as I have one (who is not as fat as she looks in that picture! Really!).

Enjoy the show, all!


While your dog is tres adorable, I am afraid that your heart will be broken because the judges will surely vote these beauties as B.O.S.


I feel your pain, although I’m a basset man myself.

What’s the name of that one breed that looks like a walking fringe? It’s at least medium sized or larger, and white. Those always look so peculiar. And poodles seem like they would be more attractive if they didn’t have that stupid haircut.

I believe you’re referring to the Afghan

I do.

Every time I’ve seen one on TV (at my sister’s house - she’s likes this stuff) I’ve had that “squidgy” feeling: there’s something wrong there, but I’m not quite sure what.

It seems to me that it’s in the same category with child beauty pageants. Despite appearances, I’m not too sure the contestants would choose to be there if they could.

And recently I leafed through a book on how to groom show dogs. Some of the procedures those dogs have to go through (especially the big poodles) seemed just plain mean.

To me, making a living thing a “show piece” just doesn’t seem right.

Oh, and “Best In Show” was hilarious. :slight_smile:

I believe you’re thinking of the Komondor.

Go English springer spaniel, go!

I watch it whenever I can. Couple years back, my dog’s uncle was up for Best in Show… His father shared a sire and dam with the dog. Funny, too. He’s sitting, watching the TV with us, when all of a sudden this dog comes on. We say, “Hey, doesn’t that look like…” and all of a sudden, Kaylon, the standard poodle (white) in question, charges the screen, barking, leaps up to put his paws on it, and then starts sniffing around it to try to get in. Really uncanny resemblance to Orion, Kaylon’s father.

Does this mean that dogs have self awareness?

I’m not the only one. Good! My stepdad and I had a fine time a few weeks ago watching some big dog show on Animal Planet. There were dogs I had never heard of, let alone see.

I have to root for the retrievers, those being about my favorite dogs. But some of the others are damn cute. I also have to root for any Clumber Spaniels because one of my stepdad’s sisters raises them.

beagledave Keep watching the hound group. Next year, or the year after, this little beauty is going to kick some ace! Click here to see Shasei’s Keepsake For Whiterose Her call name is Amber. She is a Saluki.

Thanks Tupug Anachi for that vote of confidence. You forgot to mention that she is only 8 months old, but already defeating adult Salukis in the ring. Yes, we will be at Westminster at some point in the near future. This is an incredibly flashy and showy girl, the dog of a lifetime, and not being a novice in the ring, I can assure you that, barring any unforseen injury or illness (as you know has happened to me once before), this one is going to write a new book about Salukis.

Everyone knows that the Brittany is the most handsome and smartest dog in the whole wide world.

My two have me trained perfectly.

I laughed my ass off a few years ago when the German Short Haired Pointer got out there and shit all over when he was called. The judge was unfazed. She said “Well such is life”

When the dog finished he strutted out there like “I’m cool now, you people get with the program”

My brother in law has had about 4 or 5 GSPs, every one as dumb as a box of hammers.

I remember that dog, Mermaid! That was hysterical! Amber’s Mom, why don’t you relate some of your “shining moments” at dog shows? :smiley: